Spice Up Your Ponytail

  • The ponytail is a common and easiest hairstyle that save those days when your hair is in critical condition. However, as trends change and generally repetitive cycle, this year a ponytail again came into the spotlight as one of the hot hairstyles.

    If you want to try this hairstyle, for example, on crazy New Year's Eve party, we bring you three ideas on how you can raise this average hairstyle to a whole new level.


    At the presentation of their collections for spring 2012, Carolina Herrera showed convincingly elegant ponytail, which will be very easy to recreate at home. For starters, run a brush and a very small amount of serum for shiny and smooth hair through the hair. Pull it off the face in a ponytail, and thereby leave a few strands at the bottom of the neck. When you fix the tail, wrap the remaining hair around the elastic band and tight it with hairpins so that the entire construction within the tail would not be visible.

    Messy and knotted ponytail

    You woke up with messy hair? Remember Blake Lively and her tangled hair, which looks totally cool on her and uses this as an advantage. First brush your hair and tight your bangs to the scalp. Then tilt your head forward and gently comb your hair, avoiding the uppermost layer of the hair, to avoid the Amy Winehouse effect. When you're done, pull your head back and let the normal upper strands of tangled hair fall over, giving your voluminous hair chance to shine. At the end wrap your ponytail in a simple ponytail.

    Low ponytail

    This style was very popular in 2011. And one of the actresses that wore this was a young Hollywood star, Emma Roberts. She added to her ponytail a few waves, you'll actually be able to easily do yourself. For starters pull your hair in a ponytail and wrap it with the elastic band. Then gently run your fingers from the tail to the head, to give the hair a little volume, and put several large curlers on a ponytail. When you relax your hair with a curler, gently run your fingers through the waves and optionally add a decorative bow or any other accessory.


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