Hi Impact Radius

 Hello and welcome to my site! I'm Anna Kent, and i love playing around with makeup, fashion and everything related to this. This is mine secret obsession. I fell in love with all this when I was just a little girl and now I can say i know a lot about my favorite hobby in the world.

This is a beauty and fashion portal that provides you with a mountain of tips, news, reviews, tutorials and anything else related to cosmetics, fashion and lifestyle. Fashion Beauty You is the right place for all cosmetics and good style junkies, a little community site where you can share your make up experiences with real make up and good style lovers.

I have Masters Degree in Economics, Finance and Marketing. I have worked as a marketing expert with some of the most know brands in fashion and beauty industry. I have used this knowledge to start my own beauty school which I love. I also love doing fashion, portrait and art photography and I also work as a makeup artist.

My mission here is too try and bring all the informational products, services and websites that I use on a regular basis here in one place to share with you. I never realized how huge a task this was until I actually started trying to do it! Bear with me, I’ll get it up on this website….soon….I hope =)

There is a ton of very good information on the Internet today concerning beauty and fashion products. However I still feel that the beginner needs more help in deciding which products and style she love.

I’m sure you’ll find something useful on this site in the months to come plus I’m sure I’ll learn something.


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