30 must-have pieces - what you need to have in your closet every season

  • If you are a person reluctant to fashion experiments, we are sure you have them all 30 pieces. If you like experiments, it is good to have some basic pieces in your wardrobe so that you can complement them every season with new details.
    You don't have to have brand names in your wardrobe to have quality clothes, but you have to have some fashion classics that are always in.

    White shirt
    White shirt comes in countless variations and everyone can find a model for themselves. You should regularly change it and make sure how you wash it.
    Rails Keira Shirt - SALE!Eze Sur Mer Commune Cinched Back Corded Voile Shirt in 2 Colors
    Rails Eze.................Eze Sur Mer
    KAiN Label Dolman Shirt in Black or White
    2. Kitten heels
    There is a place and time when high heels are inappropriate (or you can't walk), and you have to wear something elegant. In that situations choose low heel shoes who are elegant and comfortable.

    Nina Paladin (Women's) - Black Royal SatinPoesy Low Heel Shoe - Black Luster Satin

    Nina Paladin......................................dnafootwear

    Cut depends on your body shape. Select a classical model without embroidery detail, studs, sequins, etc.

    Handbag with a chain
    Even if you do not have money for a Channel, you can buy a copy that looks just as nice.

    Rebecca Minkoff  Clutch Savage - BlackCC Skye  Lulu Day Bag as seen carried by Katty Perry

    Rebecca Minkoff....................................CC Skye

    Leather skirt
    Leather pencil skirt is something that always comes back into fashion. Always combine it with high heels and regularly take it dry cleaning.

    6. Watch
    Nice and good quality watch attracts as much attention as beautiful jewelry.

    Silvertone Metal Delta Burke Crystal Bezel WatchWomen's Karamica Beige High Tech Ceramic

    Delta Burke...................................Swiss Legend

    Cardigan Long sweater made from warm fabrics are not only easy to combine, but it is very warm and practical.

    ribbed trim pocketed cardiganLeft on Houston Revolution Cardigan

    GOjane..............................Left on Houston

    Narrow belt You should always have a narrow belt and there is no reason why this piece shouldn't be in your closet.

    9. Dark Blazer
    With a skirt, dress, jeans, it fits with all!

    Chick with Guns Alexi Blazer

    Chick with Guns

    Silk blouse
    The older sister of the white shirt is slightly larger investment, but also much more feminine and refined.

    11. Hanging earrings
    Earrings that can easily sway are the golden middle between the huge and heavy in gypsy style, and small that nobody notices.
    kim alessi Graduated Drop Pearl Earringsrhinestone tassel earrings

    Kim Alessi...............................GOjane

    Fur vest
    A warm, soft jacket is a great for transition time from spring to summer and autumn to winter.

    ribbed trim faux fur vest


    Dresses with floral patterns
    From work, weddings, dates all the way to regular coffee, dresses with floral prints will always faithfully follow you and it looks good.

    14. Accessories with leopard pattern
    This questionable pattern looks best in small quantities. Arm yourself with belts, shoes, scarves and bags, but not all at the same time.
    Tolani Infinity Scarf in Leopard-PREORDERfeathered flower jewel snap bracelet


    Classic moccasins never go out of fashion and are a good substitute for ballet shoes.

    16. Pullover
    Invest in a sweater made of quality fabrics.

    17. Classic pants
    Classic pants must be found in every closet. The cut and material depend on you.

    18. Tote bag
    For everyday occasions, a big bag is necessary and desirable accessories. Just make sure you do not carry so much cargo in it.

    19. Little Black Dress
    It is simply a must have.

    Black Halo Jackie O Mini Dress in Blackstrapless tiered ruffle sequin dress

    Black Halo........................GOjane

    Black high heels
    Black high heel fits with everything and it is the safest choice if you can invest in just one pair.

    21. Tight black pants
    With a dark top they can be a worthy replacement for the little black dress.

    22. Coat in camel color
    One of the classics that marked so many movie scenes and is indispensable in most woman's wardrobes.
    furry pea coat


    Leather gloves
    Fleece and wool just doesn't seem so refined as leather.

    24. Ankle boots Even if you don't like to wear it with skirts, you have to admit that it is easier to wear pants with ankle boots rather than push them into the boots.

    25. Aviator jacket
    It never really goes out of style and always looks fresh in daily combination.

    26. Black shorts
    If you have good legs, you need to show them.

    27. Cape
    The variation between the poncho and coat works very stylish and chic.

    28. Retro dress Retro dresses are very feminine and always look good on women who have curves.

    29. Maxi skirt
    Now, when they are back in fashion, you can enjoy them, but our advice is to wear them in dry weather.

    30. Scarf with print
    Scarf with interesting pattern will freshen every combination. Get at least one.

    Tolani Floral Scarf in Purple



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