The Perfect Home Manicure

  • Manicured nails give the impression of a person who cares for those tiny details of her appearance, but that doesn't mean that you have to regularly visit beauty salon to get what you want. All this you can do it yourself at home, with your own manicure kit that you can buy at any drug store, which is always a good investment.

    For decades, the manicure was working on a fairly simple way: cut off the excess skin, nails and smeared with paint, but in the last few years since the cosmetic industry evolved manicures can also be used in a different way. There are dozens of products for hand care and nails to make this process easier and give better results.

    If you want to do your own manicure, you have to understand a few basic steps. First, find a place that has a lot of light, the window or under lights in order to have the right lighting. Then follow these few steps which will result in a perfectly manicured nails.

    Preparation is the key

    Thoroughly wash your hands in warm water using soap, then dry them. If you have previously had some nail polish on your nails, remove it with nail polish remover, which should, if possible, be oil-based because it is less aggressive for the nails and cuticles around them.

    Apply the liquid to remove the cuticle and during his tenure form your nails but keep in mind the natural shape of the nail. After that, push back the cuticle using a wooden or metal cuticle pusher, which will apart the skin around the nail. This is a much better option as opposed to cutting the cuticle, which with time become harder and harder to remove.

    In the bowl with warm water, add a slice of lemon or grapefruit juice and soak the nails in it and hold them for several minutes. Fruits in warm water will cleanse the lower part of the nail and bleach them naturally. The hands then dry with a towel and moisturize them with a thin layer of mask for hands.

    Rest for the tired hands

    Wrap hands in gloves or a towel that you have previously heated on the radiator and rest for about five minutes. This is necessary in order to mask that you previous put on, deeply penetrates your skin and is thoroughly fed. Clean the mask with a sponge or simply rinse under running hot water. Don't forget to thoroughly dry hands and nails after every wash with a towel to prevent drying of your skin.

    Polish your nails but do it gentle and slow just over the surface of the nail, and the goal is only to remove fat from the surface. Skip this step if you have naturally dry nails that "blooms". Massage your hands and nails with moisturizer for hands, and if you have extremely dry hands use more oily cream. With circular motion massage each part of the hands, including nails.

    Nail polish color as a mark of your personality

    Before you polish thoroughly clean each nail with acetone because after you put cream nails are slippery and you won't be able to apply nail polish. It is desirable to apply base before applying the lacquer which will take care of that color on your nails to be as prolonged.

    Once the base is dry, polish your nail with nail polisher you usually, but have in mind that with bright colors, like red, blue or purple, you must apply two coats.

    Wait a few minutes for the nail polish to dry, then apply a cuticle oil and rub it well on the cuticle and the nails. The oil will feed them and prevent damage, and the skin around the nails will make soft and smooth.

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