How to choose the perfect foundation?

  • If we apply the proper foundation, we can achieve a younger and fresher look and gain even more confidence. Choosing quality liquid foundation, concealer and powder will longer the durability of the entire make-up, thus avoiding the expensive makeup wrinkles or worse, that 'slips' from the face. Here's a professional trick that will make your face fresh and perfect.

    Foundation or base

    The base or foundation is the basis of every make up so do not hesitate to get the best foundation you can afford. The market offers a variety of liquid foundation, various textures and colors. Be sure you choose one that fits your age and your skin type.

    The color of liquid foundation should be similar to the color of your skin or little brighter, so you look natural and younger. The perfect color will be determined if you apply it directly on your neck or on your face (if you do not already have your foundation on), and preferably in daylight. Very often in stores, salesperson will apply foundation to the inside of the forearm, above the palms, but this is totally the wrong way to select the right color because on that place skin color is different from your face skin.

    Foundation must "merge" with the skin color. The purpose of the current foundation is to slightly smooth your face and give you a "healthy glow", not that it adds color. If you apply too much, you will cover the natural glow of skin and your face will look as you have a mask. So always blend foundation to the ears and neck for the most natural look. Liquid foundation can be applied with fingers, sponge or brush.

    If you have combination or oily skin, select the foundation that matte, with normal and dry skin it must be "richer" and must hydrate, while ideal for mature skin are the ones that optically reduce wrinkles. Do not forget that the foundation is applied on cleansed, toned and nourished skin! If under the current foundation you don't apply a moisturizer, your skin will be "thirsty" and "drink" all the moisture from the liquid foundation and it will simply disappear.


    Once you have applied foundation to your entire face and spread it good, pimples and other irregularities on the face cover with concealer. Carefully select your concealer color, it must be the same as your foundation, or a little brighter. Mix a bit of concealer and liquid foundation and apply it directly to the pimple, just lightly tap it in.Around the eyes use a "highlighter" that will lighten the area and prominent eyes. "Highlighter" is packed with a brush like a pencil, gently smudge above and below the eye and tap it with fingers.

    If you have dark circles around the eyes use a liquid concealer designed exclusively for concealing dark circles, which will further foster and visually reduce wrinkles. Spread it gently and tap it in with fingers, do not forget that the skin around the eyes is very thin so be very gentle! Don't use thick concealer, like the one in the sticks, around your eyes because they may accentuate the wrinkles and make you older.

    How to shape your face with a powder?

    Using the cream powder, emphasize certain parts of the face and hide the ones that aren't so perfect. White or beige powder, which attracts the light is applied to those parts of the face that we want to emphasize, while the darker powder we use to minimize or hide a portion of the face.

    If you would like to reduce the width of a round face, below the cheekbones, apply a darker shade powder. Spread it well to the ears to hide the transition. Apply a lighter shade above the cheekbones and on the top of the chin, blend it.

    If you would like to reduce the width of the nose, on either side apply the darker powder and blend it well. On the middle of the nose, apply a white or beige powder.

    If you would like to reduce the long nose, at the very tip of the nose apply a dark powder. To reduce the width of the forehead, on both sides apply the darker foundation, and in the middle white. Blend and merge.

    Thus, the rule is very simple: those parts of the face that we want to emphasize apply white or several shades lighter powder than that used for the face, while those parts of the face that we want to reduce apply a few shades darker powder. Always take care not to inflict too much, transitions must be imperceptible.

    Pressed or loose powder

    Apply it on places where the skin shines like the nose, chin and forehead. However, if you apply it to the rest of the face, it should be applied by brush and in thick layer for a more natural look.
    Blake Lively - poorly chosen concealer spoiled the whole cleavage! Nicole Kidman - too much powder!


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