What Colors Make You Look Thinner?

  • Do you know how certain colors visually enhance the body and make it seem thinner? You probably already know that wearing darker colors makes you look slimmer and bright colors have the opposite effect.

    However, choosing the right colors to your body structure is somewhat complicated matter, and depends on whether you are pear shaped, apple or with curves. Part of the body which carries most of your weight affect how you combine colors of clothing.


    If you have a pear-shaped body, then the area of the buttocks and hips are higher than your upper body.

    To restore the balance of this form of body, colors have to make lower body lower and upper large. This would mean that you should wear bright shirts with dark skirts or pants . But unless you wear a uniform or aren't a waitress, you should avoid wearing white blouse in black trousers or skirt. Choose some other bright color with lot of detail to attract attention to that area. Flounces, folds and ingenious design should help to restore balance to your line.

    Apple shape

    People who have apple shape body carry their weight in the waist area.

    Selecting the right color, should create the illusion of professions and you will achieve that you look more narrower. You will easily achieve this with a wide dark color belt, but avoid the ones with too much details and choose more simpler belts.

    To make your waist visually thinner waist wear a darker shirt, and underneath more brighter clothes. Dark shirt over a lighter will make your belly less visible. If you don't like to stick out, choose purple and blue colors, but if you don't mind being in the center of attention you will look good in vibrant colors.


    If you have large breasts most women probably envy you on an attractive figure, but choosing the wrong clothes you can look much thicker than you are.

    Avoid stripes , white and pastel shades. Red is the color that fits women with curves, also bright blue and emerald green look good.

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    i totally agree here. I had some problems before, especially cause i have pear shaped body:(

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