Basic Care For Beautiful Eyelashes

  • What woman does not want to have a nice long and thick eyelashes? They provide a new perspective on the eyes, give them a nicer shape and feel that the eyes are larger. Therefore, most women daily use different types of mascara and eyelash curler in order to achieve thicker and longer eyelashes, and generally look nicer.

    Unfortunately, some women simply do not have naturally beautiful eyelashes, so they often put to much mascara, fake eyelashes, or they don't remove makeup before going to sleep, all of which can further damage the lashes. Because of that be careful, gentle and take care of your eyelashes, just as you care for your skin, hair, nails. They also protect the eyes and without them the eyes would be exposed to a variety of dust particles.

    Serum for eyelashes

    Certain mascaras already have the lashes serum, which not only give them volume, but also nurtures them. Mascara with a serum is easily recognized by the fact that it consist of two components, which are applied to the lashes - the first serum, and then mascara. Serum can be used alone, without putting mascara, because of his healing properties. Apply the serum in the morning and evening before bed and in a month you should see a significant difference.

    Regularly remove mascara

    Mascara, including powder, eye shadows, eyeliner and all the makeup regulary remove before going to sleep, so the skin, including eyelids could "relax" and "breathe". If you don't remove mascara your lashes and their roots will dry out. Waterproof mascara clean with the toner for removing waterproof mascara.

    Do not rub too hard

    In addition you need to use the appropriate cleaner for makeup, especially as far as mascara, do not rub your lashes with mascara. On a piece of cotton put milk or Toner for makeup removal, close your eyes and press the cotton on your eyes and just hold 10 seconds to slightly melt the mascara. After that, remove the mascara, even waterproof ones will be very easy. Rubbing will only brake your lashes.

    Use new products

    Everybody knows that makeup has a shelf life, and mascara is especially sensitive because it is on your eyes. Mascara can very easy accumulate bacteria on the brush, which can cause eye inflammation. Also, mascara after a few months of use becomes dry, does not smudge so good, which means that your lashes will not look good after its application. It is recommended that mascara be replaced every two months.

    Do not cut them

    Believe it or not there are people who trim eyelashes, and if you're one of them, immediately stop this practice. It is normal that the lashes are not of equal length, one to the outside corner of the eye are always longer, and those toward the inner corner are shorter and there is no reason for it, and it is to protect the eye.

    Get Latisse

    This is a new drug that stimulates the growth of eyelashes, can be obtained on prescription, but only if you have serious problems with the decline of the eyelids. In addition, there are certain side effects like all medications. But what is certain, it will make your lashes look longer and thicker. The remedy has launched a pharmaceutical house Allergan Inc., known worldwide as a manufacturer of Botox.

    This is what manufacturer of Latisse promises


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