Beauty Trend: Nude Nail Polish

  • Maybe you thought that nude nail polish on your nails looks modest and not exciting enough, but this season everything is changing. Leave a dark nail polish on the side because the new season is looking for a bright and cheerful tones. One of the most wearable trends in 2011 is nude nail polish which broke out at this year's New York Fashion Week. To avoid any confusion, nude nail lacquer isn't transparent, but skin color nail polish.

    Designers are so crazy for so-called nude nail polish that they use it on every show, and even more times. You can wear it everywhere and always, and it does not require a professional hand which means that you can put it on yourself at home and it will look great. Bright shades do not require an excess of wisdom, and look great on all skin tones. Except you do not have to be especially careful when putting on your lacquer, the result will be more beautiful hands! Check out how some celebrities wear nude nail polish!

    With this color your nails will look longer and thinner, and is perfect for shorter nails. Nude nail polish will save your time because it is appropriate for business events and private dinners.

    If you are a follower of more simpler technic you will use only nude lacquer, like many designers use (Marc Jacobs, Lanvin, Rodarte, Givenchy, Suno, Jil Sander and Monique Lhuillier) to achieve sophistication.

    Those who are eager to experiment will take a look at Ruffian who used nude nail polish to create so-called retro manicure, which celebrates the 40s. Nude lacquer was used as a base, while the black was used to create a crescent shape at the top of the nail. Therefor this manicure was named Moon manicure and is a big hit this year.

    The choice of colors is big, as well as the finishes - this season's hit matte finish, or simply a shiny finish, but be carefully with a matte effect, because with it you have nails like puppets. Nude nail polish can vary from pink to white tone, but one thing is certain - this trend is difficult to avoid because of its exceptional wearability.

    Here are a few suggestion of some nude nail polish so take a look and choose one for yourself. (For more info and price about these products click on a product picture)

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