Choose The Right Perfume

  • Avoid situations where you give a lot of money for perfume for which you will later realize that you don't like or doesn't match your skin. It doesn't mean that the perfume you liked on another person will have the same smell on your skin. Be sure to try the fragrance.

    It is best to buy perfumes in the morning because you have much sharper sense of smell. When you go shopping for perfume, don't put on perfume at home. That way you'll be able to experience the real scent of perfume you try. Do not smell the fragrance with cardboard because it will not smell like it does on you. Try perfumes on the wrist. After the third perfume you can't smell the next because all the scents will mix. Testing to much perfume is pointless. Don't immediately buy the perfume. Try it the next day to make sure that you like it because scents can mix if you have already tried some. Perfumes should not be tried on immediately after a meal and during menstruation.

    In addition to choosing perfumes by whether you like the smell, pay attention for which time of the day you buy it. Day perfumes have with light notes like fruity. For evening choose oriental, heavier scents that are mainly composed of musk. They can also be distinguished by color, day fragrances are generally in lighter colors, flower fragrances are often pink. Evening perfumes are dark blue or brown. Transparent perfumes often smell "fresh".


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