How to Detox Your Hair

  • January is the month marked by frequent Detox diets and treatments, but have you ever thought that your hair needs deep cleansing and detox program.

    Treatments for deep cleaning are a big hit in the world, because they remove dirt much better than conventional washing with shampoos and conditioners. The aim of these treatments is to remove even the smallest remnants of the styling products and other impurities that build up on the hair over time. Experts from world-renowned salon and cosmetic companies have discovered tricks that can help you.

    Don't wash your hair every day

    Herman Ho, Headmasters artistic director says it is best to avoid daily washing. "Try to wash your hair at least every other day to allow the natural sebum that the scalp produces to regenerate hair and scalp. Even if you have oily hair, daily washing is unnecessary. "


    Hairdresser Leo Bancoft warns that when we wash our hair at home we often don't perform scalp massage, and because of that our hair never looks so good as when is washed in the hair salon. "Massage the scalp to stimulate circulation, as this will give you hair that healthier and more beautiful look."

    Check out the ends

    Damaged ends are a common problem, especially for women who don't want to cut their hair. Regular cutting of the tops is one of the things you have to do and after going to the hairdresser, take care of your hair regularly at home. Silicon or some other product for split ends will be enough, just apply it after each wash.

    Cool it

    Herman Ho warns that the excessive heat, such as those in hair dryers and irons during recovery program is unacceptable. "Do not straiten your hair on a daily basis, but rather opt for a grunge look, and let your hair to recover."

    Feed it

    Unlike celebrity detoxification diet when you do not eat almost anything, you need to nourish and feed your hair. Once a week, put hair mask, and make sure that your diet is healthier than usual, because everything you eat affects your appearance.

    Be gentle

    There is no woman who does not know the scene: you are in a hurry, you have natural dreadlocks in your hair and are trying to unravel them with the aggressive brush pulling. First of all, calm down, inspect the brush, because it is a big chance you need a new brush and for the end go through your hair with your fingers. Pulling out just does not make sense.


    Detoxification shampoo / shampoo for deep cleaning - these shampoos aren't so usual on the market, so maybe better to ask your hairdresser or special shops. Try Umberto Giannini detoxifying shampoo with thyme.

    Nourishing conditioner - your hair needs extra care to be recovered. Try Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Daily Treatment, which recovers the hair from root to tip. Price: $23,50 at

    Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Daily Treatment ( Hydrates and Revives ) 500ml/16.9oz

    Conditioner which doesn't washes - this product may be a good replacement for the classic conditioner especially if you have very dry hair. Global Keratin conditioner spray smooths hair and facilitates combing.

    Hair mask - as we said before, hair should be fed occasionally. It is important to just keep the instructions and do not leave a mask for too long. Giely Green Repair Mask with just ten minutes works perfect.

    Scalp - If your scalp constantly itches or burns maybe you don't pay enough attention. Philip Kingsley Scalp Toner removes unpleasant itch, while simultaneously feeding hair. Price: $25,50 at

    Philip Kingsley Scalp Toner ( For Flaky/ Itchy Scalps ) 250ml/8.45oz

    Serum - L'Oreal Elvive Full ReStor 5 Night Serum can be applied in the evening without having to rinse it in the morning because it doesn't grease your hair. Just makes it soft and shiny.


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