I Want Absolutely Perfect Eyebrows

  • Sleek and perfect shaped eyebrows can help you save time in the morning for make-up, they round up and open your face. Eyebrows may seem of no importance at first glance, but when you pay attention to details, you realize that the shape of your eyebrows can significantly affect the overall appearance.

    The ideal eyebrow shape is different, of course, from one person to another, because people have different facial features. Nurture and maintain the natural shape of your eyebrows. The most perfect eyebrows are just the ones you have. Women often make mistakes with the idea that it is absolutely necessary to redraw the shape of eyebrows, when in fact the main goal to find their natural lines and improve them.

    How to tweeze your eyebrows

    With white pencil, draw on your eyebrows the shape you want to have, pluck only what is outside those contours that are drawn. Always pluck in the direction of the eyebrows. The technique used for eyebrow shaping is very simple. Take a pencil and put it straight from the nose to the eyebrows, this is where eyebrows should star.

    Then, to set an external point, put the pen from the edge of the nose to the outer corner of eye. Perfect eyebrows should stand between these two limits. Finally, you should find the peak arc setting pen in front of the iris.

    Shaping and small tricks

    Now we need to determine which type is suitable for you. For example, curved eyebrows tend to "sweeten" the face. If you leave them too long and falling, you will look sad and old. For the eyes that are set close, you should start plucking a little further than the inner lines.

    If your eyes are set wide apart, don't pluck interior angles of the eyebrows, but fill them and expand with a small pencil or eye shadow. If the shape of your eyebrows is too long, it can be corrected with a tweezer. If they are short, you can extend with the pencil, then go over them with a brush for a natural look.

    If you have a high forehead you can make a higher arch, forehead will appear smaller. With the small forehead do a smaller arc. If you have a small face with delicate features, thick eyebrows certainly won't fit. Also, if you have low eyebrows, close to your eyes, the space between the eyebrows and upper eyelids is small, so that brows should be thinner and more rounded.

    Eyebrow shades

    Eyebrow color should be a shade or two lighter or darker than your hair. If you are a brunette, eyebrows should be slightly brighter, if you're blond slightly darker. Once you have shaped your eyebrows, the only thing you have to do is maintain perfect shape with plucking new hair.


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