4 Steps For A Sexy Evening Look

  • Creating a glamorous evening look, like this one the picture, must be time-consuming and demanding task. According to the advice of a Lancome makeup artist Sandy Linter, this look can easily be achieved in just four steps.

    1. Over the entire eyelid (up to the edge of the eyebrow) apply base eye shadow or a creamy eyeshadow of neutral shades, to even the skin tone and extend the durability of the eyeshadow.

    2. Pull the line with black liquid eyeliner as close as possible to the root of the lashes along the entire length of the eye. Impeccable feel will be easier to achieve if you gently stretch the skin of the eyelid and draw a broken line along the lash line. Then with a small slanted eyeliner brush or a lipstick brush connect these lines, and at the outer edge of the eyelid pull the line a bit up.

    3. Curl your lashes - try to go as close to the eyelashes root as possible with a curler, that won't break your eyelashes.

    4. Before applying mascara apply eyeshadow. Intense purple shimmer or a warm brown shade with golden shimmer will suit everyone, regardless of eyes or hair color. To achieve the seductive smokey look (and make your eyes bigger), first apply the darkest shade to the outer edge of the eye, and blend it with the inner edge of the eye. Lighter or neutral eyeshadow like ivory or champagne apply in the beginning of the eyelid and blend it outward making the transition between two colors invisible.

    A little cream white highlighter or shimmer eyeshadow tap in the middle of the lid to give eyes extra depth and highlight the color of your eyes. Apply the same highlighter, eye shadow or white pencil, on the waterline to open the eyes and make them larger. Finish this look with two coats of mascara.


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