All You Need To Know About Foundation

  • Foundation is one of the most powerful woman's weapon. Without a doubt, no woman can be without foundation. Even if your complexion is perfect, you should not ignore the foundation if you want to have a flawless day look.

    Therefore, to make your complexion perfect, find out below what you should do and what must be avoided, how to choose the foundation and how to apply ...

    The main task of makeup is to equalize your complexion. Therefore, don't try to change your natural face shade with foundation, because you'll look like a ghost or get the effect of the mask. Foundation was invented 90 years ago by Max Factor. Working as a makeup artist in Hollywood, Max invented the first foundation, then unique among cosmetic products. Max's invention was primarily valued by Hollywood actors (comedians), but quickly gained the trust of all women. Even today we can't thank enough Max Factor.

    How to Choose Foundation

    When choosing your foundation you must take into account your skin type and complexion. The better your skin looks, the lower layer of foundation it should have on. If your skin has some irregularities, then choose a more consistent foundation. Keep in mind that the foundation, has to have high quality.

    It is best to test a foundation shade in daylight. Apply a little foundation on your cheeks, and to see more shades simultaneously to see the difference. Keep in mind that the foundation should not differ from the color of your neck. Best foundations are those who moisturize your skin and have a light texture. Every girl needs to find the two perfect shades of foundation: light for the winter and darker for summer. You can find more tips about choosing your foundation in my previous article: How to choose the perfect foundation.

    How to Apply Foundation

    High quality foundation should not leave any marks and when you apply it, it should look completely natural. Make sure the skin is properly hydrated before putting on make-up.

    What you should know about the foundation?
    -Girls aged 15-25 years should not always wear makeup, because their skin produces enough collagen, and needs oxygen.
    -Every foundation includes protective components that protect the skin from the cold, wind, dirt, sun, etc.
    -To look perfect in situations in which ordinary makeup won't last, use waterproof foundation that is durable and perfect for swimming.

    There is no woman who does not dream of a perfect complexion, and even the girls from magazine covers have imperfections that need to be covered. In this situations foundation is indispensable. When you learn all the tricks of applying foundation, in a very short time you will be able to achieve the perfect, balanced and fresh complexion.


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