Conquer Your Hair With Fruit Treatment

  • Fruits & Passion's development director Séverine Math, which is engaged in the production of cosmetic products based on fruit, delivers advice on how to tame the lion's mane, and from it to make a soft, silky and supple hair.

    "Sunflower oil contains fatty acids that will lock moisture. Lime will balance the pH. A large amount of potassium in bananas will do much for the health of the scalp", Séverine Math revealed this secret.

    Of course, you can make this mask at home, and you do not need any exotic products that will flatten your wallet.


    * one banana
    * tablespoon of sunflower oil
    * half tablespoons of fresh lime juice

    Mash banana with a fork into a paste, add oil and lime juice. Mix it to create a uniform and homogeneous paste. Massage it into dry hair and scalp for half an hour before showering. Distribute it throughout hair.

    After 30 minutes, rinse the mask with water and mild shampoo (the baby shampoo is ideal). Enjoy in the beautiful hair!


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