Say Goodbye To Blackheads

  • Imperfections are closed pores on the face that occur due to excessive secretion of sebum oil and sebaceous glands and the bacteria, dust and other contaminants that come into contact with the face. Impurities in the pores react with oxygen and take black color and create blackheads - the small pests which we want to get rid off. Here are some tips.

    How blackheads are created?

    Sebaceous glands secrete more oil, causing the frequent occurrence of blackheads. It is good to know that blackheads frequently occur in certain hormonal changes in the body such as during menstruation or pregnancy. A person will also possibly hail blackheads, if you're under stress, in a wet environment or if you use creams with a large amount of oil. Therefore, change cream, cool it and properly nourish the face and blackheads will disappear.

    Proper face care

    The most important and perhaps the hardest rule is that the blackheads can't be squeezed because that way you can prevent the spread of infection and accumulation of more blackheads. To begin wash you face with warm water to open pores, or if you use soap for the face, let it be very gentle. Then apply peeling based on natural ingredients and thus remove the excess skin and sebum. After peeling, clean your face with the help of specialized lotions, of course, not those based on oil and for the end apply moisturizer.

    5 homemade preparations to fight blackheads

    As the skin is continually treated by all sorts of unnatural beauty products that sometimes do more harm than help your skin - it is more useful to make a natural home remedies for your face. Treat your skin naturally and give her time to regenerate and self-help.

    1. Honey and lemon peeling

    Mix honey, salt and squeezed lemon and apply on face and wait from 5 to 10 minutes. For extremely oily skin add two tablespoons of yogurt.

    2. Egg whites mask

    Separate egg whites from the egg and form a lather. Then add two tablespoons of corn flour and apply the paste on your face. Leave on for half an hour and wash ti with lukewarm water. The result will be soft and tender skin, without imperfections.

    3. Therapeutic properties of basil

    Put a few basil in water and boil it, then allow it to cool. Soak a cotton pad in a mixture of basil and gently wipe the face several times.

    4. Lemon

    One of the easiest ways dealing with acne is with the help of a lemon. Squeeze the lemon juice - moisturize your face and leave to work overnight. In the morning wash your face with lukewarm water.

    5. Potato mask

    Rub the potatoes in a pot, add water and apply the mixture on your face. Leave to stand for 10 minutes and then rinse. Potato mask will help in cleaning deep blackheads.


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