Tips For Beautiful Hands And Nails

  • Hands care should be a part of your daily routine. Protect them with cream and gloves, so that your manicure would shine. See what are the basic guidelines for proper hand care.

    Regular care is most important for beautiful hands. In winter, you do not really need expensive creams, but it is necessary to acquire the routine of putting some cream on your hands after washing. Dry skin will quickly soften if you put some cream in the evening, before bed. Furthermore, put a small cream package in your bag so you'll always have it with you. When you put a mask on your face, apply it on hands to. Tap it in the skin and put nylon gloves.

    Don't wash your hands with strong soap to often, especially in winter. When washing dishes and doing housework, wear gloves because detergents, except that dries the skin, it removes the protective layer from nails, and their surface becomes sensitive to fungi and bacteria.

    While long nails make hands more feminine, short rounded nails will look cleaner on your hands. Shorten the length of the nails to three or four millimeters, and then maintain that length. Groomed nails include the regular removal of nail polish and cuticle care.

    Draw the attention to your hands with modern nail polish. The latest collection this season includes purple, pink and red shades, though, regardless of trends, apply nail polish in accordance with wardrobe and makeup. The lacquer is applied in two thin layers. Before painting apply a clear varnish or lacquer base, and then put an ordinary nail lacquer. That way nail polish will last loner on your nails. You need to apply nail polish from the bottom to the top of the nail. The thin line along the root of the nail should remain free because the nails will then be able to breathe.

    Lemon's juice suits nails Lemon juice whitens your nails. It acts as a peeling for the skin at the bottom of the nail. Hold your nails two minutes in lemon juice. For dry skin on the fingers use oil bath. Olive, sunflower or sesame oil should be hot (not too hot), and then soak your fingers or entire hands for 10 minutes.


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