Day To Night Makeup

  • Keep your eye makeup lasting from Day to Night with this complete eye collection. This collection comes with all the tools you need to transition your makeup from a natural day look to a smoky night look. Looking beautiful has never been so easy!

    e.l.f. Essentials Day To Night Collection includes:
    • Eyelid Primer
    • Lengthening & Defining Mascara
    • Eyeliner Pencil
    • Eyeshadow Palette

    How to apply:

  • Begin by applying a thin coat of the Eyelid Primer to the eyelid, blend in and allow to dry.

  • Next line the eyes with the Eyeliner Pencil.

  • Follow by applying the lightest shades of the Eyeshadow Color onto the eyelid for a natural day look.

  • Finish by applying the Lengthening & Defining Mascara to the lashes.

  • To transition into a more dramatic night look reapply the eyeliner for a bold effect.

  • Next add the darker shades of the Eyeshadow to the eye and blend in for a smoky look.

  • Reapply mascara for a beautiful finish.

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