Homemade Hair Mask - For Longer Hair

  • In this article, I will describe to you the mask that has really helped my hair. It became less fragile and strengthened.

    This mask is a lot cheaper than the one you buy or hair treatment in a hairdresser and has a very similar effect.


    * Castor oil
    * Olive oil
    * Almond oil
    * If desired, add coconut oil, and if you have dark hair add a walnut.
    * An everyday shampoo for frequent washing
    * Your favorite shampoo
    * Hair mask / hair conditioner (depends on what you use after shampooing)

    Mix olive oil with almond and pour into a separate container (if you have walnut or coconut oil, stir them as well).

    First on the roots rub castor oil (you can mix it with olive because it is quit thick, but proportion of these oils is in favor of the castor).

    Castor oil has a good influence on hair growth, and therefore, it is important to massage the hair roots.

    After that apply a mixture of olive and almond oil on the rest of the hair. Put foil on your hair or shower cap and wrap in a hot towel.

    Keep this mixture in your hair all night, but if you're like me, and you cannot sleep, it will be enough to leave on for two hours. Rinse with a mild and cheap shampoo, because of purely economic reasons, it is difficult to rinse oil, so do not spend expensive shampoos. Gentle shampoo in large quantities won't be aggressive towards your hair.

    Then apply your favorite shampoo. If it is intended for the hair renewal allow it to act 2 minutes and rinse. Wrap hair in a towel to absorb water and nourish it with the mask / hair conditioner. Leave it on for 2-3 minutes and then rinse it. After such effort into your hair, you probably will not have the heart to dry your hair with a dryer.

    Much simpler masks that I also loved:

    * Mask of mayonnaise. Apply mayonnaise on dry hair and leave it as long as you can. 30 minutes would be great.
    * Eggs + honey + olive oil mask also nourishes the hair perfectly.

    Do you use natural hair masks? What is your favorite? Share them with us.


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