Little Fashion Tricks

  • When it comes to choosing clothes to wear, with little fashion tricks you can achieve a leaner look. A good outfit will mask your minor flaws, but it can also give you an additional dose of confidence.

    Show your best attribute
    The secret of good dressing is to discover exactly what body part you think is just your attribute. So you will, for example, if you have a long neck and pretty face, drag the attention from wide hips on a beautiful necklace.

    Proper posture
    Except that is not particularly pretty sight, hunched posture adds pounds.

    What is my size?
    Do not be ashamed to choose a right size that truly fits you. Inadequate size, and this is especially for women who regularly buy clothes a size smaller, will make you look larger than you are.

    Bright colors
    Bright colors draw the eye, but also make you wider. Darker colors should be worn in places that you want to cover, and with bright colors point out your attributes.

    A high heel elongates the leg, visually lifts the butt and makes you have proper posture.


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