Make-up Tips For Green Eyes

  • When choosing colors that you put on your face you should think about skin tone and eye color. If you have green eyes, try some of these tips.

    Play with purple hues

    Highlight your beautiful green eyes with makeup based on the dark red and purple. To visually expand approximated eyes, apply a darker shade of plum on the outer edges of the eye, and bright purple to the interior of the eye. If your eyelids are slightly lowered, avoid the combination of purple and blue eye shadows.

    Choose brown mascara

    Green eyes ladies should choose dark green tones, lavender color, purple, plum or lilac color. Gold and copper shades are ideal for light green eyes. When it comes to the eyeliner, it is best to avoid a black shade. Instead, choose a brown or gray. They look a lot softer. Choose a mascara in brown shades to get a softer look.

    Avoid silver eyeshadow

    If you want to experiment with metallic hues, avoid silver eyeshadow on eyes. Instead select bronze, copper and gold color. They will give an amazing shine to green eyes. Excellent choice is a dark brown or green eye shadow with golden reflections.


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