Professional Makeup Artists' Tricks

  • Every professional has their secrets and tricks that are rarely revealed to others, so even a professional make-up artist is no exception.

    Surely, you have wondered how they manage to achieve the perfect look that we've seen on fashion shows? Below discover the tricks of the best makeup artists:

    A flawless complexion

    First apply a good primer, then illuminating liquid foundation and your face will look really natural. Mask effects will be avoided if put light moisturizer on the palm, warm it up by rubbing it and then put it over the current foundation for a natural finish. - Val Garland, MAC makeup artist

    Quick drying nail polish

    No time to wait for layers of lacquer on your nails dry? Apply it in very thin layers. Place the brush horizontally along the nail to avoid that unsightly lines. To make the process even faster, first do the thumbs - since this area is the largest, nail polish will have more time to dry. - Angi Wing, CND

    Smokey eyes for everyone

    If you have small eyes and want to have that sexy smokey eyes, do not apply eyeshadow outside the fold of the eyelid. Also color intensity should be stronger on the lash line. Also, don't apply eye pencil on the waterline because it will make your eyes look much smaller. - Nadine Luke, Mac

    Put on false lashes with ease

    When applying, lift your chin up and look down. If you are not the most skilled with false eyelashes, don't try to put all at once - cut them into four parts and each set separately. Just be careful not to randomize the order of the parts. - Robin Schoen, Urban Decay

    Long-lasting eye shadow

    If you do not have an eye shadow base, and the shade you want to apply isn't so lasting use eyeliner. Put eyeliner on your wrist and then tap that color on the eyelids. This will be an ideal base for eye shadow. - Gato Zamora, Maybelline New York

    Naturally rosy cheeks

    If you want to prevent unnatural and artificial appearance of your blush, first apply a creamy blush, and then foundation. Thus applied blush will look more natural. - Michael Pierce, Hourglass Cosmetics

    False eyelashes with mascara

    If you don't want to mess with false eyelashes and glue, apply two coats of different mascara - first apply mascara for volume and density of eyelashes, and then mascara for loner lashes. Before applying the mascara remove excess mascara with a paper towel. - Kim Soan, Bobbi Brown

    Bright lips

    Instead of just applying lipstick, first use lip pencil. Blend it with lipstick brush and then add a little lipstick through the pen. This will add a dimension to your lips, and there will be no sharp edges. - Nadine Luke, Mac


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