4 Reasons To Start Using Mineral Makeup

  • Dermatologists and make-up artists praise the effects of mineral makeup because of a light texture, positive impact on the skin, but also because of good protection against harmful sunlight.

    Although these products are more expensive than traditional, it is worth investing in them, as compared to standard cosmetics that are full of chemicals, mineral makeup is made from natural ingredients.

    Mineral make up are cosmetics products made only from natural ingredients - minerals from the earth, without any chemicals, colors, preservatives or perfume. This is a light make up without any shine, that does not irritate skin, does not close the pores, and provides a natural appearance.

    Light texture
    One of the best characteristic of mineral makeup is its light texture. Those who have experimented with various products claim that with this make up you will achieve a natural look.

    Because of its texture, it is easy to apply and remove make-up. It's long lasting and, most importantly, will not cause adverse effects even when you forget to remove makeup.

    Skin can "breathe"
    Mineral makeup allows pores to "breathe". The secret of these products is that they consist of inorganic ingredients, which do not allow the bacteria to spread and penetrate in the deepest layers of the skin. Therefore, it prevents the accumulation of fat in the pores, which may cause acne and inflammation.

    It doesn't contain any harmful chemicals.
    Mineral cosmetics manufacturers have argued for the removal of all hazardous chemicals in products for skin care. One of the most famous manufacturers of natural mineral cosmetics, "Dr.Hauschka" takes into account the strict quality criteria. This implies that the composition of these products is only plants with certified organic cultivation or wild plants from the clean field. Products can't contain synthetic preservatives, fragrances and colors, and have to be dermatological and ophthalmologic tested.

    Hides skins flaws
    Due to unhealthy lifestyles, or inadequate care, skin problems such as acne, blackheads, allergies can easily occur. Mineral make up offers the best support in the disguise of these changes on the skin. It perfectly covers the redness of the skin, uneven complexion and any irregularities. In addition, it also offers protection from harmful solar radiation.


    Mineral Cosmetics said...

    There are several reasons why more and more women opt to use mineral cosmetics. One obvious reason is mineral make up leaves a long-lasting effect on your skin. The minerals last a long time, so even a little can go a long way to give a natural feel.

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