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  • Smokey eyes look is not appropriate for the day. Red lipstick does not suit everyone ...


    Eyelash curler

    One of the basic beauty "tools" is the eyelash curler. However, many women are not using it because they fear that it could damage the eyelashes, or that they may fall off because of it!

    If used properly, curling your lashes will give a new dimension to your eyes and make it bigger. Gently press your lashes with a curler, hold that position twenty seconds and gently release the lashes. Only then apply mascara. Also, it is important not to overdo with the use of eyelash curlers and let a little rest. Use curler when you go out or on a date.

    Smokey eye

    Although the smokey eye look heavy and reserved for the night and going out (due to dark tones that emphasize the depth of the eye and smeared black pen) you can customize it and carry it during the day. Keep the technique, just adjust the color. Choose neutral colors such as beige and light brown cappuccino or lilac. Similarly, instead of two coats of mascara, apply just one.

    Red lipstick

    It is a common misconception that only some women can wear red lipstick because it does not fit to everyone. It is simply not true. There are so many shades of red, so do not hesitate to select one that matches your skin color.

    If your complexion is colder use red, which contains colored tinge of wine, while for those with a yellowish complexion a better choice is warmer tones with a brown or orange base. Cold red hue of lipstick is the best choice for those with a pasty complexion.


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