The Perfect Blush For Your Face Shape

  • According to the make-up artist Jane Richardson, who works for Nars Cosmetics, the most important thing to remember is that make-up should follow the natural shadow lines on the face.

    Also that blush should be applied to the most attractive parts of the face, ie, those parts of the face that we want to emphasize.Color is never applied under the cheekbone on the cheeks, below the upper half of the face, not too close to the nose.

    Here are tips for applying blush for three basic types of face shapes.

    Round face - This face, what has, for example, actress Kirsten Dunst, is mostly small and can look like it is covered with blush.

    Use a fan brush for your blush (like this one in the picture above). It is excellent for precise applying blush on small faces. Apply blush in the shape of a boomerang, with one end under the outer edge of the eye, and central, below the fullest part of the inner edge of the eye.

    Continue with applying with the same brush to complement the shape of the boomerang.

    Use a round brush to complete the whole look, but don't apply blush on the cheeks below the cheekbone and the side, away from the end of the eyebrows.

    Apply just a hint of blush on the chin to visually elongate the face.

    Square face - this person is, for example, model Gisele Bundchen. They have excellent defined contours and may appear in some cases too dramatic and rough. Although they have fantastic cheek bones, when it comes to blushing, it is necessary to follow certain rules in order to highlight best facial attributes.

    Use a small brush for powder so you can directly apply the blush on the tops of cheek. Starting from the position under the outer edge of the pupil, drag the brush to the outer corners of the eye.

    With a bigger brush even out the color, not crossing the line below your ear shells.

    Apply a bronzer or darker shade of blush on the outer corners of the jaw to soften the rectangular shape.

    Oval face - oval face, like Rihanna, are very grateful when it comes to hair and makeup, because you can easily experiment. But just because your face is quite adaptive, does not mean that you can follow by everything make up tip. For best results read the next few tips.

    Start with a medium size brush. Make circles on the top part of your cheek bone, the part which is furthest from your face when you smile.

    Use the same brush to distribute lighter coat of blush slightly up to the hairline.

    Use a larger brush to merge everything.

    Just lightly apply blush to the center of the chin to contribute to the definition and visually highlight your correct face shape.

    And finally, here are some pictures that may help when applying blush.

    1. For lifting

    2. For sharper edges

    3. For lengthening

    4. To ease the sharp edges

    5. To visually expand your face


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