Stiletto Nails

  • For some time, I am completely thrilled with stiletto nails that are currently a big hit. I tried it and now I proudly wear this trend!

    This picture above is responsible for my style selections this spring. Nude and beige-pink, fiery red in combination with a pale pink, natural makeup, big rings in the form of roses, flower patterns on the clothes ... and stiletto nails!

    Stiletto nails have recently become a big trend among the many stars Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Fergie, Beyonce, Katy Perry ...

    It is a pointed nail that can carry the colors of nude beige, flesh-colored, lilac, rose up to gold and black. Although the classic stiletto nails are much longer, very tense, and decorated with images that are real small art works, today are popular short, a monochrome version of the stiletto nails which I tried.

    I must say I am extremely satisfied with the result, which to me is that I'm a big perfectionist almost unbelievable. This length is amazing, but I like to wear a little shorter. Personally, I like this kind of nails and I have bought lots of nail polishes in beige, pink, coral and violet that I think look beautiful on stiletto nails, and I will definitely show you later how it looks.


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