Worst Make-up Sins

  • Although we are daily flooded with the latest fashion and make-up trends, we all make some mistakes that we later regret.
    Even the stars, with an army of stylists and makeup artists sometimes appear like they haven't looked in the mirror.

    We learn from our mistakes. Therefore, we bring you the top 5 make-up sins.

    1. Too dark shade of lipstick

    Dark lipstick such as brown, chestnut or purple can act too aggressively, and make you look older. At all costs avoid dark lip pencil, especially if you plan to apply lipstick. Instead of lipstick rather opt for lip gloss in a similar shade that will not act so aggressively.

    2. Too thin eyebrows

    If you got carried away with a tweezer, you'll have to let your eyebrows grow back and then shape them. Until they grow, use a special pencil for eyebrows. If you have dark hair, opt for black or dark brown pencil, and if you have a lighter complexion and hair choose a light brown pen.

    3. Excessive make-up

    This is a beginner mistake, but it is still often repeated. Intensive makeup on your eyes and lips combined with a heavy layer of foundation, and blush won't make you shine, but will make you look older. As much as you love experimenting with makeup, if you want a fresh and modern look, focus just on the eyes or lips, and on the rest of the face cover imperfections.

    4. The wrong shade of foundation

    This error often happens to all women. Even if you found that ideal shade for your complexion, foundation purchased in the summer won't suit you in winter and vice versa. Therefore, every woman should have at least two foundations that can be worn depending on the season and skin tone. A nice solution is mixing the two shades to get the tone that will perfectly match the tone of your face.

    5. Too much bronzer

    Too much bronzer will make you look dirty or unnatural orange. In addition, a bronzer shade, like a powder, should be changed depending on the season.


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