Choose The Right Mascara Color

  • Mascara can be used in different ways. The same hue can highlight the color of your eyes. If you put a bright shade on your eyelid, you can make especially strong emphasis.

    Experts are advising contrasting shades to intensify eye even more and make them shiny - metallic mascara Metallic will give that extra shine. For very bright eyes, you should select a darker color, with dark eyes go for a gold tone.

    But you have to respect the basic rule: The color should suit your clothes and should appear on jewelry or other fashion accessories.

    Brown mascara

    This mascara will work better on the lighter eyes, instead of black shade. This thickens the lashes, but it works less intrusive - which correspond to the new trend - natural look.

    Contrasting color: Brown will strongly emphasize blue eyes.

    Purple mascara

    Lilac shades will open your eyes and give you the shiny look.

    Contrasting color: Dark purple color is especially nice on green eyes.

    Blue mascara

    The blue shades were particularly popular in the 80-ties. Blue is the perfect color for evening makeup.

    Contrasting color: blue shades are perfect for brown eyes.

    Green mascara

    If you have green eyes, you'll have that sexy cat's eyes if you apply green mascara.

    Contrasting color: Green shades look better on dark eyes. However, the green color will also look good on blue eyes.


    Grey shades are ideal for a smoky eye look.


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