Products That We Recommend For Summer 2011

  • Summer is almost here - can you feel it? Temperatures are rising,days are getting longer, and weekends at sea are no longer the exception. And this means that the time to devote specifically to your body is here.

    Because of that we have decided to represent cosmetic products that will help you to stay nice and cared for all summer - from cream, perfume and lip gloss ... Here's what we opted for this time:

    Summer 2011 signed by Lancôme

    With the arrival of warmer days Lancôme has prepared a little mix of summer products. Your skin will be grateful, and will look fresh and bright with these light products!

    Lancome Hydra Zen Neurocalm

    Hydra Zen Neurocalm contains unique technology for the provision of intensive care, which provides continuous moisture to your skin. It soothes and relieves stress: complex Neurocalm with plant extracts combats the negative effects of environmental and emotional stress. It has pleasant texture. Intensively hydrates and soothes the skin permanently, leaving it soft, smooth and radiant. It has a beneficial effect even on sensitive skin. The truth is that this cream is more expensive, a lot more expensive - but worth every penny, and you deserve the best.

    Hydra Zen Neurocalm Day & Night Moisturising Set

    Ô de Lancôme

    When you think of the warm and relaxing summer afternoon, a trip along the coast, light breeze, freedom, peace, there are no better fragrant spices than the mild and soft toilet sprays from Lancome: Ô de Lancôme, Ô d’Azur, Ô de L’Orangerie. Since creating the first Ô de Lancôme bottle, this scent is full of history for more than 40 spring and 40 summer with Lancôme woman. A new wave of freshness and sensuality, continuing the original tradition, they brought Ô d'Azur and Ô de L'Orangerie.

    Juicy Tubes

    The first lip glosses in a tube! Beautiful bright shades of pleasant fragrance seduce all the senses. Available in all colors, Juicy Tubes is very desirable and unquestionably successful product: 20 pieces are sold every minute around the world. On the 10th birthday of Juicy Tubes lip gloss when lip glosses from 100% natural origin was launched, a world renowned Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama has designed six tubes with colorful motifs inspired by nature.

    The secret of pleasing texture of these tasty lips gloss is in excellent blend of honey and Shea butter, leaving lips soft and moisturizing to 4 hours. Each hue has its own unique scent: hazelnut, apricot, honey, raspberry, vanilla, rose - six enticing new flavors, all 100% natural origin.

    Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Sheer Candy

    Yves Saint Laurent women. She loves the feeling of love. She listens to and respects her wishes. Her secret? Volupte Sheer Candy, lip balm enriched with colors. Seductive, sensual, leads to temptations on the verge of sinfulness. Colorful, luxurious, cute - Volupte Sheer Candy is a real pleasure enjoyment. The subject of every desire, every pleasure. Sinfully alluring.

    Volupte Sheer Candy brings a new technology for a unique formula - a passionate, ultra comfortable and ultra-rich texture that merges with the skin and glides perfectly on lips. It provides an intense, divine sense of the ingredients that soften and nourish your lips and smooth within four weeks after application. It provides intensive hydration to eight hours after application. Magic of hyaluronic acid holds water in the uppermost layers of the epidermis, filling the smallest line and letting dangerous fleshy lips. The lips are protected by antioxidants pomegranate, rosemary and gamma oryzanol for slowing aging.

    This sweet tempter comes in several versions:
    N ° 1 - Lush coconut, a touch of gold irresistible freshness.
    N ° 2 - Dewy Papaya, orange-pink discreet pleasure.
    N ° 3 - Juicy Grapefruit, pink candy that provokes envy.
    N ° 4 - Succulent Pomegranate, the greedy desire for a pink fruit.
    N ° 5 - Mouthwatering Berry, a bit of forbidden fruit.
    N ° 6 - Luscious Cherry, candy delight.

    Yves Saint Laurent Saharienne

    Second skin.Her name is legendary. Tribute to the cult safari jacket, a legendary piece of clothing from Yves Saint Laurent Couture collection. Symbol from travel to distant lands, one-way ticket for a flight that was reinterpreted by Stefano Pilati, Yves Saint Laurent creative director, depending on the collection. Ode to sensuality that summarizes the body of the disturbing game of hide and seek. The extraordinary celebration of free, wild and challenging women. Source of freedom, bright and daring, of which every woman has always dreamed to express her animal nature.

    Saharienne begins with a Primo Fiore lemon, Italian bergamot and mandarin zest. Overexposure with shiny, white petals with a thousand sparks of citrus, such as Blanc de Blanc champagne. Bitter sweet orange leaves, crushed alive with a burst of green notes, galbanum and blackberries buds. Sunny-floral and savory chords were galvanized by the sheer audacity of pink pepper berries and ginger. This perfume will be launched in June.

    Scents from the garden of Le Jardin Cacharel

    In Le Jardin Cacharel, each flower is a new fragrance, and each fragrance is the second woman, a legend in her own time, olfactory signature. In 2011 they bring us a limited edition of 3 scents, dressed in the iconic, romantic, lively patterns. Careless reference to 3 people, 3 different atmospheres, 3 different emotions. Mysterious and airy, modern and colorful Le Jardin Cacharel brings them together and magically reconciles past and present.

    Amor Amor
    "I am passionate rose. Fiery emotions caused by the random appeal. Vital, impulsive and happy, I cast a spell on the world so that they are all filled with passion and that everyone dreams of love came true."
    Fragrant family: floral gourmand.
    Flaming top notes of pink grapefruit, mandarin, black currant and orange.
    Rhythmic middle notes: a Melati flower, rose and lily.
    Gourmand base notes: Vanilla, white mušus, cedar and sandalwood.

    Amor Amor Perfume by Cacharel, 3.4 oz Eau De Toilette Spray for Women

    "I am a soft, generous peony. I am a universal feeling of tranquility. I'm creating my inner strength with my pleasant view of the world."
    Fragrant Family: Floral, Musk.
    Natural high notes of coriander and aldehydes.
    Extremely feminine middle notes of peony and black pepper.
    Illuminated base notes: white musk, incense, benzoin and coffee.

    Noa Perfume by Cacharel, 3.4 oz Eau De Toilette Spray for Women

    "I am a blazing fire under the icy surface. On first I'm gentle and sweet, but when you get to know me, come to the fore my romantic and passionate side. I use my dual nature as an element of surprise."
    Fragrant family: floral gourmand
    Intense top notes of tea leaves, pear and citrus notes.
    Seductive middle notes of jasmine and orange flower.
    Romantic lower notes of Provencal honey, sandalwood and musk.

    Scarlett Perfume by Cacharel, 1.7 oz Eau De Toilette Spray for Women

    Armani Code Summer for Women

    Dressed in a modern ice bottle in the fight against summer heat, and infused with shades of blue Mediterranean. New female summer fragrance is an ode to orange flower, this time highlighted seductive, fruity, light and sweet. Fruit cocktail of orange and pear is spiced with a scent of a bitter orange flower. Orange blossom and jasmine are imbued with gentle notes of ginger and cyclamen, like morning dew.

    Armani Code Summer


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