The Right Swimsuit Model For Your Figure

  • Summer is approaching at light speed and time for buying a swimsuit is here. However, for most women buying swimwear has become a nightmare, because there are so many different models so it's simply impossible to decide.

    The best solution is to select a swimsuit according to your taste and of course depending on your body shape. Because today you can buy tops and bottoms separately, what makes buying the right swimsuit easier, we will also talk about tops and bottoms separately.

    Choose the right top model

    The upper part of women's swimwear is very important, thanks to the support. Unfortunately, many women buy swimsuit, which looks best and not, which offer maximum support. The top should be exactly the size of the breasts. They will only look wonderful with the full support. We'll help you determine which top will suit you best.

    Classic model

    Classic swimsuit model with baskets is ideal for women with larger breasts, because they provide the necessary support. It is important to remember that if you have larger breasts, shoulder straps must be wider. Of course, this model is also suitable for women with smaller breasts, as many sellers offer classic designs with foot pads that will optically increase the breast and give them a brighter, fuller shape.

    Halter top

    If you want to emphasize your breasts, this is the right model for you. Larger breasts will look better with this model, but there are padded models, which will give you more beautiful decollate.

    Triangle top

    The triangular model is best suited for smaller breasts, which will have enough support. This model is perfect if you have a perfect figure, as it reveals a lot. If you have anything to hide, this model is unsuitable for you, regardless of breast size.

    Strapless model

    This is also one of the models, which is more suitable for smaller breasts, unless the bottom is amplified, and even in this case would be suitable only for small to medium sized. This model is only suitable for sunbathing or walking, since any major activity, such as swimming, is almost impossible, regardless of breast size.


    Tankini is the most modern version of the upper part of the swimsuit. It was created as a separate one-piece swimsuit, which is day by day less popular. Tankini is the perfect cover to the upper body, primarily for women who want to cover up their stomach, but remain stylish and does not restrict the choice of the lower part. This is very suitable for women who have a stronger upper body while they ca afford something more revealing and provocative for the lower part. When choosing tankini take care that it is not too short and that provides enough support.

    Regardless of which top model you choose, pay attention that it fits perfectly to your body because only this way you'll enjoy of the beach.

    Choose the right bottom model

    Classic Bottoms

    Classic pants fully covers the buttocks and the front part. Because of 'moderation', the majority of women opt for a traditional model, because it hides and reveals enough.
    However, there is also available tang panties that fully reveals the buttocks and legs. These are suitable for women with a beautifully shaped buttock, but they prefer to hide the front part.
    The model can be lowered down to the hips or feet high staple. Lower drop-model are suitable for all who want to show beautiful belly. High-cut model is highly recommended for the optical extension of legs.

    String Bottoms

    String model is a model where the front and rear of the panties separated only by a rope. We distinguish between the classical string model and model string tang.
    The classic model has a very low front and coverage. Because of these characteristics is suitable for women with flat belly and beautiful legs.
    Model string tang almost completely reveals the buttocks, while the other characteristics are the same as in the conventional model of string panties. Due to its extreme frankness buttocks and legs, this model is only suitable for women with a perfect body.

    Hot pants

    Hot pants are usually low on the hips and medium overlap both buttocks. Hot pants are suitable for women who wish to mask the buttocks, but not the legs. In this model, you need to be careful, because thighs come to the fore and can make them wider. Therefore, this model is more suitable for women with well-formed legs.


    Boxer is a model that hides the most. They are usually low in the middle of the hips and buttocks, and completely covering the legs in the range of hip. Because of this they are very suitable for women who wish to hide their buttocks and legs, but you should know that such model can optically shorten your legs.


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