Fred Perry by Amy Winehouse

  • After the death of talented singer Amy Winehouse, many have wondered what will be with the announced collaboration of this fashion house and tragic diva, which began in October last year.

    Specifically, Fred Perry recognized an icon of a unique style in Amy that always had a pronounced 'retro' element, and Amy breathed a breath of her own peculiar style of Fred Perry collection autumn/winter 2011/12, which bears her name.

    Representatives of the fashion houses have consulted with the family of Amy Winehouse, who gave their blessing so that prepared collection will see the light of day. "Amy has enjoyed working and certainly would like that her work is available to all her fans and admirers of her style." Said her father.

    All profit raised through the sale of items from this collection will be directly routed to Amy Winehouse for a fund to help children and youth, among other things, to help against addiction.

    The collection is made up of only three colors - black, white and black. A minimalist approach powerfully evokes the style of the 50s.


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