Lace and Stars From Dolce & Gabbana

  • Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are not followers of current trends - they are the style for themselves. But whatever they bring in the new season it will certainly find supporters. Faithful fans of D&G style will wear everything this duo design.

    You can find everything in their new models: short and long, black and colored dresses, and costumes. Truly, a great selection of combinations. First let see the models with stars and dots.

    Lace is still in, something special is definitely the suit who is interesting not only because of the lace, but the length of the leg.

    After total blackness, we give you yellow-pink-orange contrast. There are a lot of short dresses, but in autumn collection, you can find beautiful max dresses also.

    During the winter, it is obvious everything is permitted. It seems that Dolce & Gabbana think of those who are intolerant of cold, so long sweaters, coats and pants are required.

    You can't go wrong with skirts. Miniskirts are definitely "in". Underneath them, you can wear tights and stockings.

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