Short Hairstyles Through The Years

  • Short pixie hairstyles are the epitome of relaxed glamor and has a carefree, timeless and somewhat androgynous appeal. The first lady to come under increased public and media attention because of her boyish haircuts in the last century, was the cult actress Audrey Hepburn, soon followed by Jean Seberg, Mia Farrow and Twiggy.

    Most of these styles we see today on famous ladies, which, thanks to harmonious facial features very well wear this trend. Although initially short hair was considered daring for members of the fairer sex, today we are witnessing just how short hair on the right person can look elegant and graceful. As stated above, it is important to take account of facial features, which will further come into play when superfluous hair from it disappears. In addition, short hairstyles will reveal part of the neck and trunk, but also give a woman the illusion of height. Of course, when selecting the desired length and hairstyles, styling is important. Although short hair is far the most rewarding for the maintenance and offers a myriad of styling options, it needs minimal styling so it doesn't look messy.

    There are many examples of pixie haircuts through the past, but the trend leader in the technological age, when information of this type became available, it was Audrey Hepburn in "Sabrina" in 1954. in which her character is considered childish and totally unattractive, until Sabrina shortens her hair to ultrashort chic hairstyle.

    The next lady who was encouraged to take scissors in hand, was Jean Seberg, the icon of the 60s and one of the first post-modern celebrities, as they called it then. Although she died tragically, the actress has always been completely surranded by long haired divas, like Doris Day, and she completely stood out with her short hair.

    Drastic cut marked the career of American actress Mia Farrow, who got the role in the thriller "Rosemary's Baby" in 1968 because of her short hair. Besides being integrated into the film, Mia looked very confident with short hair. The secret has been in cutting hair on sides of the head, while she remained at the front a little longer with the bangs and the length of both ultimately are perfectly blended together in one hairstyle.

    Supermodel Twiggy was the face of the 1966, due to the courage to shorten her long blonde hair and show the world a short boyish haircut, which was then a very interesting stylized. She made the parting on the side, and the long strands were combed behind the ear on one side, while the slightly shorter hair was on the other side of the face.

    Unlike previous decades, 70s and 80s didn't consider a short hair feminine and attractive, but on the contrary, they glorified hippie long hair and glamorous hairstyles in universal disco fever. Pixie style is somehow gone under the radar in this universal craze for length and volume and re-contacted in the 90s. Linda Evangelista, Meg Ryan and Sharon Stone have personalized it, with their tousled short strands.

    Sharon Sharon was a very interesting phenomenon to the media, first for her beauty and then for her acting. After she cut her long, blond hair, which made her famous in Basic Instinct, to the boy's length, she admitted to the media that takes the scissors in hand and randomly notches her hair. Although she often returned to longer lengths, due to the extremely fine hair, the actress best suit short hair with a slight step-haircut, which, with proper styling to Sharon always seem to be rather voluminous.

    Icons of recent times realized the benefits of pixie haircuts in the early 21st century, and after Kate Moss and her short hair in 2001, pioneer of this trend was Victoria Beckham, who dramatically shortened her trademark - long, brown hair. Soon, this hairstyle has become the most copied fashion accessory of every woman, and how her pixie quickly grew she adapted it in various charming and inspirational ways, such as this, where she slightly curled a longer pixie.

    Shortly after Victoria, followed the popularity of Rihanna's hairstyles, and she has definitely experimented with her hair in the last few years. Rihanna prepared a surprise to her fans with a modified pixie style that perfectly suited her heart-shaped face. The hair is very layered cut here, parts on the neck are completely shaven, while the long locks with bangs at the front perfectly frames her face.

    Blondes that wore this unique style were led by Michelle Williams, who in 2007 cut her long, golden locks. Although Michelle says that hardly anyone likes her pixie haircut, on the young actress this hairstyle looks pretty ethereal and graceful.

    Actress Carey Mulligan wore a similar style for the movie "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps", while in her case is a little longer pixie with eyebrow length bangs, as a promising actress determined to make her hair grow back. These days, Carey keeps her hair short.

    Few people could recognize Emma Watson, when she turned from the role of wild, red-haired Hermione to Mia Farrow of modern times. Short pixie hairstyle with a few clumps of irregularly cut Emma's very quickly embraced and loved, although her fans were not happy with the transformation. Since she was no longer bound by contract for the Harry Potter movie marathon, the young actress opted for a change, in an elegant sleek look, what was once cherished cult Twiggy.

    It seems that in modern times short hairstyles have experienced a definite comeback, and how the trend will last is a question of courage. Sometimes it is really difficult to separate from long hair, but these ten examples clearly show how the results can be more than satisfactory.


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