5 New Formulas of Eyeliners

  • Applying eyeliner is perhaps one of the worst make-up techniques, but the good news is that today there really are enough methods and styles that are very easy to master.

    It is not said in vain that the exercise is the easiest way to success, and it certainly applies in this case, besides the black eyeliner, you will be able to have fun and choose from different colors and textures. Dior has even gone a step further, and this fall introduced a completely new segment in eyeliner, and alongside him today we bring you another four new eyeliners in the fast-growing beauty market.

    Within the make-up collection for autumn 2011, there is a reissue of Illamasqua Presicion Ink Liquid Eyeliner, which promises a more long-lasting performance and durability. Shades that are offered are richly pigmented, relatively quick drying and ensures that they will not smudge, and additional bonus is the waterproof formula.

    From YSL's autumn collection, "New Blacks 2011." comes a creamy Eyeliner Effet Faux Cils Long Wear Cream Liner, which come in six dark, but still noticeable shades: N ° 1 - Deep Blue, N ° 2 - Ashy Black, N ° 3 - Bronze Black, N ° 4 - Black Sea, N ° 5 - Black Cherry and N ° 6 - Jade Black. Shades have beautiful shimmer and thereby automatically separated from the mass of the average product, but get ready to give some more money for this little package. However, expect a super smooth and creamy texture, with a lot of pigments, ultra easy to apply and intense enough that it needs one coat only.

    The highlight of the luxury and extravagance are probably Dior Velvet Eyes labels, which replace the eyeliner and are complete novelties in the global beauty market. Sold exclusively at Sephora, while this expensive equipment includes 4 pairs of labels, that is a substitute for eyeliner, for which Dior claims that can be used repeatedly. 4 different styles forming long lasting look at the style of the 60s, and very easy application are the great advantage of this product, with which you will get 4 new look, two simple black, and two with the effect of Swarovski crystals.

    From priced accessible class, here comes the products of your favorite brands Catrice and Essence. Catrice recently launched a limited edition "Welcome to Las Vegas", where you can find everything you need for the wildest night of the year, New Year's Eve. If you want to emphasize eyes and give them the ultimate finish, be sure to try luxurious Catrice Liquid Liner, which contains gold shimmer pigments, and comes complete with a fine brush, which will provide you with accurate and precise application.

    Many ladies praise Essence waterproof liquid eyeliner, which is characterized by exceptional stability, but it's definitely affordable product, which this winter is coming in more modern design and offers a regular and a waterproof version. It comes with a flattering applicator, with which the application will be simple and precise, and it's quickly dry, which is an additional advantage.


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