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  • It is well known how important it is that the nails look neat. I believe that we all know that lesson and now we move on to lot funnier site when it comes to nails - nails polish! This season you can really wear it all, but we have listed a few interesting trends. Metallic tones have definitely ruled this season on all the catwalks and their influence spreads to the nails.

    Trendy colors for autumn 2010. are wearable, but at the same time are spectacular shades to impress others.

    Greige and matte nail polish
    We're talking about a combination of gray and beige color, which varies from white coffee to purple, and these nail polishes are matte! This season, this is the trendiest palette and is very grateful. This trend fits all shapes and length of nails and skin tone, and all you need is to find your favorite shade. There is a lot of greige colors, and all you need do to is find your perfect tone!

    Metallic and gold colors
    Very fashionable this season, metallic nail polish will make you an instant star and draw all possible attention to you. Gold, silver and copper shades look great and are great fashion accessory. What else to say but if you want to be the focus this shade is definitely for you. Color palette is really great, so we are sure that you have already found your shade.

    Dark red shades
    Yes, the red nail polish is still IN (always has been and always will be!), but it is important to choose the right, a dark shade of the season. The red color of nail polish totally fit in a super trendy retro look, which this season flooded runways. Red color radiates femininity and sex appeal, so that is a big source of inspiration. If you do not have your shade, you should get it right away.

    Punk black
    If you love black vamp look, then this is your season - go get that black nail polish right away! And what about those who do not have enough courage, or you're not a big supporter of black on your nails? Well, we have a solution for you. All super dark shades this season are very modern - from dark purple to dark brown, to dark blue and dark green.

    White nail polish is back
    Exactly that! No, you didn't read it wrong! From white to creamy shades, white nail polish is back. Color palette is really great, so we are sure that if you don't like to experiment, you can find your shade.

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