Grey Cardigan - easy to combine

  • If you are not sure what to wear to work in these cold days, there is always a gray cardigan. He has no policy, and it goes literally with-ALL! That is what we like the most!

    Let's start from the fact that we chose a gray shade, because it is still basic (non) color in the palette from white to black. This popular (non) color is used as a basis for all combinations, because with them you can almost never go wrong.

    When you have that concept in mind, everything is easier. Pull something from your closet and you'll see how true this is - gray cardigan will simply respond to each item of clothing regardless if this is a business, casual or a little festive piece of clothes.

    The rule is just not to think too much, and small accessories will enhance every combination, so take that well-known - less is more! A thin brown belt around the waist or discreet jewelry with a gray cardigan and the world will immediately look better.

    We have prepared a very chic business look on which colleagues will envy you. Temperley London black dress with gold zip detail opener itself looks great, but with the addition of J. Crew gray cardigan and other accessories it looks very good for going to work. After work, replace the popular Mulberry bag that we have earmarked for day, with much more appropriate clutch purse, you're ready for business after party! Great, isn't it?

    Gray cardigan apart from what we see on shows all known to us fashion brands like Armani, Etra, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Stella McCartney, Pringle of Scotland and many others, we found this item among the well-known high street brands.

    After all, we have definitely come to the conclusion that the gray cardigan best investment in these cold days.In addition, it is offered in many models, so everyone will find one that exactly suits him.

    There are totally simple monochrome, knitted, from mini to maxi pieces, and decorated with a variety of applications, large buttons, and always well known or popular checkered pattern of stripes.

    If you don't like to take risks, we are confident that you will choose a slightly simpler model, and if you like to experiment, believe me - there is a great choice for you! We bring you lots of cardigans of renowned designers and high street brands. The only thing I surely know is that everyone will have, if you already don't have, at least one gray cardigan in their closet, so enjoy...

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    Haute Hippie Long  Stripe Elongated CardiganLine Ethan Evolve Cardigan in Graphite

    Moni Moni Splendor Bag in CaramelDavid Lerner Laced Waist Leather Combo Leggings

    Fluxus Zannie WrapJet by John Eshaya Nicky Jacket in Black/White


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