Face shapes - how to wear them?

  • Whether you choose sunglasses, earrings, makeup or hair done, you should always have in mind one thing - your face shape. But do not despair. Proper application of bronzer and highlighter, and you can remedy the situation.

    The first rule is: the lighter shades (in our case the highlighter) point out, and a darker (bronzer), conceal. Therefore, the strategic application of bronzer, and highlighter can do wonders.

    The shape we all want is the one with the perfect proportions, the oval. This face can wear all the hair and makeup from the latest trends.Such a spot corresponding to all the hair and makeup is applied as desired and latest trends. If you have this face shape - lucky you!

    Rectangular face is that of equal width chin, forehead and cheeks. It is necessary to lighten middle of the forehead, chin and the area under the eyes to emphasize the middle of the face, and darken the "corners" of a face to visually create an oval shape. The hair that falls across the face will also visually narrow the face.

    Pear-shaped face is characterized by narrow forehead and spreads cheeks and jaw. If we want to narrow the wider parts, we have to apply bronzer on the outer edges of the chin and cheeks, and a highlighter reiterates the middle of the face. A hairstyle that is exuberant on the upper part (for example, lush fringe) will also visually expand the narrow upper part of the face.

    Round face looks younger than many other forms, with rounded cheeks and chin. To elongate it, we re-center brightens and darkens side of the face, forehead and chin. People of this face shape should choose hairstyles that fall through the cheek, just as with a square face.

    Elongated face is characterized by a high forehead and elongated chin. You should avoid bronzer and highlighter. Instead, emphasis should be on the tops of the cheeks, to be more prominent blush. It is desirable to possibly a little bronzer on top of the chin to visually shorten the face. Bangs are a great choice for women with elongated faces.

    Heart-shaped face is inverted version of pear. Thus, the chin is narrow, and the cheeks and forehead slightly wider. We emphasize the face center, and conceal the side of the forehead and cheeks.

    And now race in front of a mirror, meter in hand ... OK, joke :) I hope you were able to determine your face shape. If you are not able or unsure, it is possible that you're somewhere between the two forms, since everyone's face is different, unique and hard to classify in one category. And don't worry if you don't have the perfect proportions of the face - no one has. Not even Angelina (who belongs to the category of square;)).


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