Make up gone wrong

  • No, this is not an article about stars without make-up. Everyone is beautiful without makeup, and stars whose photos you see in the following article might be better to have that day out of the apartment came out without meeting with her make-up artist. Who had two left or bad day. Or this is a party conspiracy.

    Why? Well, check yourself. And comfort yourself, because if you can make mistakes fatty paid top-up artists, and you can too.

    First, the most recent case is that when journalists are not able to decide whether Nicole Kidman uses drugs or she has a bad make up artist? Well, we know that is this first thing, no matter how tempting was the first one. Nicole the next time you go out take a look in a mirror or re-employ your make-up artists who did your make-up on the left.

    Liv, the Olsen twins and Beyonce next time choose a darker shade of foundation and neutral shades of rose and shades. Just like on the pictures on the left.

    No, Drew did do a smokey eye or this is a photos from the Halloween party. Photo is from the premiere of one of the sequel Charlies angels. Maybe Drew wanted to be more creative, but we recommend her to leave such "creative" look over to Lady Gaga, who knows how to deal with it.

    Here are two celebrtity "ladies" you'll usually see on failed make up lists. First is Amy. Liner is ok, it's her style and we respect that. Smeared liner is not ok. Britney doesn't need further comment.

    The next star could look for a new make-up artist and a new hairdresser. We hope she succeeded in that and that the image on left was taken after the one on the right, where there's too much - of everything. Rose, blush, eye shadows and peroxide. Christina should discover the secret of makeup.

    The following is a classic example of choosing the wrong shade of red lipstick.

    Well, the best make mistakes too. Disasters can be prevented in many ways. For example, make up with the artificial lighting looks ok but in natural light may seem unnatural, and completely different colors. It doesn't hurt to apply makeup in natural light, for example, by the window, and gradually "build" - because it is always easier to add a little more than remove the excess. Just as with weight.


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