10 Most Common Makeup Mistakes

  • You spent half an hour in front of a mirror, dressed up from head to toe and go out. You leave home, take a look at your pocket mirror and you are afraid of your own reflection! You look like you go to the brothel. Does this sound familiar?

    Here's review of some common mistakes and make up tips to avoid them.

    1. Inadequate foundation shade. Color of your current foundation should blend with the color of your face. If you apply to dark, you will look funny, but if it's too light, you will emphasize all the imperfections of your face. Furthermore, don't powder your face so that it completely matts. A slight shine will look more natural and will hide flaws better than any cement in this world. About how to choose the perfect shade of foundation, read in our article.

    2. Too thick foundation. If your face needs more coverage, doesn't mean that it is necessary to apply a thick layer of foundation on your face. Apply foundation with your fingers, and for stronger coverage don't smudge it, but tap it in. For pimples that foundation didn't cover, use concealer (apply concealer after the foundation, not before). Why cement entire face for a few pimples? Also, avoid too much concealer on dark circles, it will accumulate in the small pine trees around your eyes and will be more emphasized.

    3. Lipstick off the lips edge. Want to visually enhance lips? Make it shine, rather than drawing the lips outside their natural edge. Use lip pencil identical to rose shade or shade darker or colorless. Don't use a pencil a few shades darker than rose color, because you'll look like cheap.

    4. Mascara and eye pencil on the lower lashes. This is allowed only for girls who don't have problems with dark circles. If you have them - avoid mascara and a dark pencil on the lower lashes in a wide circle. As we get older, the lashes are all dried up, so the mascara more often peels off them.So for the lower lashes, use waterproof mascara. An alternative to mascara on lower lashes is the deepest black mascara on the upper, folded eyelids. It will open your eyes and visually lighten sclera.

    5. Shiny shades at the outer eye corner. A little gloss on the eyes will bring refreshments to your makeup, but try to concentrate on the middle of the lid if it is a darker shade and on inner corner of eye and below the brow (apply it as a highlighter). Shiny eyeshadow on the outer part of the eye will stress your wrinkles.

    6. Black eye pencil for the day. Black pen as a daily make-up comes into consideration only if you use it in combination with some eye shadow on the upper eyelid, and if you smear it good. Emo-style eyes framed by a mass of black pens are eligible only for weekend outings. Actually, not even then, because you don't want to look like a raccoon.

    7. The same make-up day by day. If today you use eye shadow, lipstick and blush that you used when you first put on your make up - fix it as soon as possible! Do you wear the same clothes day after day for several months? I didn't think so. Why would your make up be an exception? Play with colors, try different variations of makeup. Be imaginative.

    8. Messy or too thin eyebrows. Eyebrows are one of the most important characteristics of the face. The moment I took care of them, I was reborn, and I look more beautiful. Do not laminate it too - more natural brows will instantly rejuvenate you and you won't act so strictly. Also, do not neglect - fix it once and you'll realize how important they are.

    9. Facial hygiene. You go to bed without removed makeup? Huge mistake! Your face, just like you, need rest and care with regular and thorough cleaning, removing dead cells and moisturizing and nourishing creams. If you go to bed with makeup on your face, you might not notice the consequences right away (if you have problem skin, until the morning you will likely hail pimples). However, you will feel it in a few years, when your skin begins to age prematurely. Only one going to bed with makeup on, you'll heal your face for days.

    10. Highlighting several parts of the face. You highlighted your eyes with dark eye shadow? Excellent, on the lips apply a neutral lip gloss or lip balm. Do not reach for a moat or a dark shade of lipstick! The rule is - only highlight one feature of the face. If you love your lips, just highlight your lips. However, this does not mean that here and there, for a change, you don't need to emphasize the eyes. Maybe they are actually just your trump card, only you still don't know it.

    Little exercise: on the next photo, specify how many of these mistakes made Pamela Anderson?


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