6 cosmetic products that can be used like a 2-in-1

  • I use cosmetic products everyday, even in the purposes for which they were not originally intended. If some pieces of makeup or cosmetic are used on parts of the body or face despite the labels about how to use, it is possible to experience poor results of action or even an unpleasant reaction. However, it doesn't always have to be like that.

    For this reason, I wrote this text, about harmless, but very useful ways to use non-standard cosmetic products that we all normally use a standard way. Well, maybe you have already know some of this stuff, but if you are interested in safe and what better way to use the cosmetics you already have in your collection, read on. This can be a little reminder.

    1. Lipstick as a blush - This is the oldest and probably best preppy trick. Maybe the best. Lipstick has a great silky texture when it smears, small shiny particles and looks very natural. In addition, it can be applied gradually, layer by layer, so you can easily "dose" amount of blush. It doesn't come off easily as a powder, and color on the cheeks will match the color on the lips.

    2. Lip gloss as eyeshadow - To achieve the airy, moist and glistening appearance, without bright colors, with just a soupcon of emphasis on the eyelids, use lip gloss on the eyelids. Gently wipe and smear with a finger across the lid, and that's it! If you want to try this, and have different glosses, select little less tacky.

    3. Nourishing hand cream as a lip balm - There are many lip balms that only dry out gentle skin on your lips, but using a non-toxic cream, you can nurture and straighten your lips, and later they won't be dry. Generally recommended creams are the ones without preservatives, colors and fragrances, such as, for example, Vaseline or Aquaphor by Eucerin.

    4. Concealer as lipstick - Everyone at least once was looking for the perfect neutral color lipstick. If you apply a little concealer with a stick for your ears or brush over a neutral pink lipstick, you will have gentle and sexy neutral color. Pink color is good as a base because it gives heat, so your lips look as livid. Another good thing about this use of concealer is that he is created so that it retains on the skin, so your newly obtained neutral lipstick becomes long lasting.

    5. Mascara as eyeliner - If you find a mascara that you have purchased does not match, creates lumps and bind lashes or is too watery, you can always use it as eyeliner. Just get a thin brush and you'll have a new eyeliner. I tried and it works!

    6. Talcum powder to the rescue from oily stains - You urgently need to get rid of greasy stains on clothes? Sprinkle over it a little talcum powder and brush the excess with a soft brush for clothes. Stain will still be there, but wont be seen. If you can see it, repeat the process. Over time, white talcum powder while standing on this stain, it will absorb most fat, so with the following wash stain and talcum powder will be washed.

    If you know some of these interesting tricks, feel free to drop a comment.


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