3 Best Home-made Hair Masks

  • Beautiful and nurtured hair is the dream of every woman. Homemade masks can also help you. Their ingredients will nourish the hair and give it a glow. And most importantly, you won't spend much money on this.

    Mask for dry and damaged hair

    Equally mix olive oil and honey. Honey contains vitamins and give your hair beautiful glow and olive oil gives it much needed moisture. Apply the mixture on the hair starting from the end towards the base. Cover your hair with plastic bag and fasten it well. Over the bag wrap a warm towel. Leave the mixture to do its work for thirty minutes, then rinse your hair and shampoo it well. This treatment is excellent for gray hair. For best results, it is good to repeat this once a week.

    Mask for oily hair

    With the help of mixer stir a spoonful of dandelion root with 1 ml of water and one sliced apple until you get smooth mixture. Add three tablespoons of green clay and juice of one lemon and stir until the mass becomes homogeneous. Hold this mask for one hour, then rinse and wash hair with shampoo.

    Mask for flaky hair

    The mask is made of parsley root. Mix three tablespoons of chopped root with the addition of three tablespoons of castor oil. Parsley contains a substance that in combination with castor oil, removes dandruff and balances the scalp. Apply the mixture once a week with a scalp massage. Leave this on hair at least 15 minutes. Shampoo your hair and rinse it with plenty of water.


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