Vintage Make-up

  • Journey to the past of make up always leads to Marilyn Monroe. Prematurely deceased movie icon Marilyn Monroe with make-up has achieved freshness, simplicity and sexy look, and this is all the charm of vintage make-up.

    Heroines of vintage make-up are the pin-up girls who are still very trendy. Starlet Dita von Theiss as the classic and singer Katy Perry as the new age pin up girl, are the indicators of good vintage that does not expire.

    What is needed?

    For cats eyes, full lips and breathable make up you need a foundation a shade lighter than your complexion, concealer, powder foundation, eyeliner, mascara, light pink eyeshadow, lip-liner, red lipstick and clear lip gloss.

    How to do make up?

    For starters apply concealer on trouble spots, and then foundation. The peculiarity of vintage make-up is porcelain complexion so choose a high quality powder in to smooth your face.

    After that do eyes make-up. To start apply a small layer of bright pink shade eyeshadow, just to give shine to the eye. After that, draw the upper eyelid with eyeliner so you end pointing toward the temple and thus constitutes a catty look. Do not forget to define your eyebrows because this type of make-up does not tolerate bushy eyebrows. If you have extremely light complexion, use brown instead of black shades.

    Draw your lips with a darker red pencil and smudge it a bit and then apply red lipstick. Lip gloss is the last step, which apply more generous in the middle of the lips to achieve the desired look of fuller lips.

    There are of course variations of vintage make-up. So do not hesitate to choose some other shades and colors like pink roses, yellow shades, or just gloss on the lips. However try to keep the desired freshness, simplicity and sophistication of sexy vintage look.


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