5 Haircuts To Younger Look

  • Hair is one of the things that people first notice on you. With a variety of hair styles you look younger. Here are five suggestions.


    Properly made and tight ponytail is sleek and girlish at the same time. It can serve as a 'face lift' because it tightens your face. For a complete look don't forget to wrap the hair strand around the band.

    2. Bob hairstyle

    Cute, straight or curly but mischievous bob hairstyle is an expression of adolescence. To achieve the perfect look, on the front leave longer hair and back more shorter.

    3. Braid

    Although sometimes considered old-fashioned hair style, braid describes a young girl who just realized that she is a woman and evokes the smell of a mischievous summer. I doesn't have to be perfectly tight, in fact more relaxed the better!

    4. Loose chignon

    Lift the hair in a bun and don't tighten too much. Allow a few clumps of bangs or short hair to smooth flutter. It is youthful, relaxed and sexy.

    5. Bright highlights

    Beautifully designed, thin bright highlights bring light to the face and create a youthful glow. The basic color should be two shades darker than the highlights.


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