How To Choose The Right Mascara?

  • The eyes are the most seductive part of body, and to make your eyes more open and soft, it is necessary to choose the right mascara. Here are some tips to avoid that crazy search for the perfect mascara among all those brands. Choose your mascara depending on the type of eyelashes you have.

    1. Thin and short eyelashes

    If you have a thin and short lashes, you need a mascara for volume and density. Choose the one with thick but narrow brush and of course, apply a few layers.

    2. Thin and long eyelashes

    To add density and volume to your long but thin lashes, select spiral shape mascara. It will fill your lashes and give them a nice twist.

    3. Short and thick lashes

    For lashes that are thick but short, the best mascara is with a long and thick brush. Two coats are enough for a nice framed look.

    4. Long and thick eyelashes

    Lucky you who are blessed with long and thick lashes, but if you want mascara you can select the one which will add a further twist to them. To this effect the appropriate is twisted brush.


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