5 Tricks For Shiny Hair

  • Girls in commercials for shampoo and conditioner swing their beautiful and shiny hair, but I think it's all a big sham. However, there are several tips that can still help us to get great and shiny hair. Maybe the hair won't be like in the commercial, but will look brilliant and subtle.

    1. Cold water

    When you wash your hair try at least once to wash it with cold water. The result is a lustrous hair.

    2. Drying

    Although sometimes you like your hair dry naturally, because apparently it look better, retention of moisture in your hair makes it less shiny. So after washing your hair dry it thoroughly.

    3. Vinegar

    Before applying conditioner mix vinegar and water and apply it on the hair. The result will be a wonderful glow and the smell will not be felt because of the conditioner.

    4. Nourishing Mask

    Glow can be achieved by using masks. The best combination is raw egg and mayonnaise. Leave it on your hair half an hour and and then wash it.

    5. Oil

    Although you should not exaggerate with oils, before drying, apply an oil that suits your hair type. Put more on the ends of your hair and less on the scalp. After drying, the hair will be beautiful, shiny and irresistible.


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