What To Wear If You're Curvy

  • Almost always at the top of the best dressed is Kim Kardashian, who now gives advice on how to dress if you have curves. She talks about the five essential things that every girl with curves should know if she wants to look perfect. Read and remember!

    1. Find a great tailor - "Everything you put on should be in proportion to your body, a good tailor will make sure that everything fits perfectly. Before I wear something, tailor and my stylist adjust this to my line, if something needs to be narrowed. Shortening hem on a dress can make a big difference." This is good advice for all women, not just those with curves.
    2. Emphasize your waist - "Show your slim waist. If you add a belt to your wardrobe, your look will look much better. I have great belts from Phillip Lim and Alaja." Belt is great for your look and can be in the spotlight. Find a belt that fits your figure and wear it with style.
    3. Avoid over-sized tops and dresses - Kim said: "I know they are very comfortable and they look great on Nicole Richie, but baggy dresses and tops are not exactly appropriate for the rounded figure. You look like you are pregnant and even messy in the photos. Instead, wear a maxi dress." Too big clothes has never looked good on someone. If you have curves pay attention to the clothes you choose, they should be neither too broad nor too narrow.
    4. Hug your corset - "Every woman should have a corset. I like to wear them because that way my line looks slimmer and narrower, and I can wear tight dresses without having to see any lines." Corset creates an ideal look of your lines. Bulges will disappear and you'll feel safer.

    5. Love your curves - "Be sure and confident to have such a body, because it is very sexy. I like to show my curves and designers like Altuzarra, Antonio Berardi, Thatcher made incredible dresses that match perfectly to my body." Love yourself and your body first and foremost. If you don't feel good in your curves everyone will notice that. People perceive you in a way how you behave. So, do everything to show how much you love your body.


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