5 Winter Skin Care Tips

  • Regardless of the skin type you have, the winter weather does not favor your skin. Low temperatures, wind and office and home dry air, make the skin more sensitive than usual.

    Therefore, on normal and oily skin type can develop problems such as tension, peeling, redness or roughness. On dry skin, which is naturally thin, these problems become more pronounced. Dry skin can loss natural flexibility, softness and suppleness, and the only solution to that is - frequent hydration.
    1. Face care
    When selecting cleansing products, avoid those with alcohol. Use a mild detergent to wash the face, without soap, and creamy lotions to remove dirt and makeup.
    Your summer, light cream face replace with oily and rich textures cream. The same goes for the body, so you can avoid cracking and peeling of the skin due to cold.
    2. Bathing and showering 

    Avoid taking a shower with hot water. That way you can brake the lipid layer of the skin which leads to additional dryness. The solution is to shower in warm water or speedy showering.
    Oil baths are much better choice in the winter because that way skin retains needed moisture. After bathing, gently tapping wipe the skin with a towel to avoid further irritation.

    3. Protect your lips

    Cold winter conditions have negative effect on your lips, making them chapped and dry. Keep a good quality lip balm in the bag to to feed your lips several times a day. Olive oil and honey are a great selection for a simple homemade mask for lips.
    Although the common perception is that applying lipbalm with SPF is only booked for the summer, this of course is not true. In winter you also need high sun protection factor, especially if you often stay in the mountains.

    4. Hand care
    Hands are constantly exposed to cold and wind and therefore require special care. Invest in a moisturizing hand cream that protects against external influences and premature aging. If necessary, apply the cream several times a day, especially before bedtime. Don't forget a pair of high-quality woolen gloves.

    5. Hydrate from the inside
    Increased intake of fluids in the body is not reserved only for the summer. In winter, you also have to take 2 liters of fluid a day, both water and herbal teas. This is certainly the cheapest and most efficient way to give the body a much needed moisture.


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