Do It Yourself - Create Interesting Nail Art

  • Nail art was present 3000 year BC and then and now all you need is full concentration and steady hand to make it look good. It pays to have nice painted nails because this can really complete any outfit. And although the complicated motives might be better left to professionals, there are many techniques you can do yourself.

    With a little practice and a lot of patience and you can create beautiful, unique designs that will brighten up your nails, and therefore you alone.
    First it is important to choose the right products. Today there are really many brands and types of nail polish - and your choice of products is completely up to you. Experiment with several different types of lacquer or even acrylic colors. That way you'll find out what suits you best.

    Use all available tools - toothpick or needle (for small dots and "drawing" the nail), hairpins (for larger dots), if you plan to put the glitter you need a tweezers (if you do not have a special applicator) ...
    Get stamps for the nail polish and most importantly - always keep the acetone close so you can correct any mistake. And when we talk about the painting - for starts you can practice on paper. Draw your own fingernail and experiment on it (and practice) the different motives. This is how you train to paint with both hands.


    1. Put black nail polish on the 3 / 4 of your nail, and on the rest put white lacquer.

    2. With black lacquer add four vertical lines over the white nail polish.

    3. Draw four keys, let it dry well then apply the top coat.

    Peach rhapsody

    1. Apply peach nail lacquer peach. Take toothpick and with black polish draw two meandering lines.

    2. Take silver glitter nail polish and add another two meandering lines that are close to black lines.

    3. At the end add white dots (put a drop of white nail polish on paper and take a toothpick, dip in paint and make dots. If you want more dots - use hairpin or an old pencil. Finish with a clear top layer.

    Shooting star

    1. Over the entire nail put pale blue lacquer. When the polish dries, add lines and stars with white finish and toothpick.

    2. Put more white polish over the white lines to make it more visible.

    3. Add another white line and four lines with silver nail polish. Finish with a transparent top layer.

    Hawaiian flowers

    1. Apply mint green nail polish.

    2. Draw a purple and pink flowers (petals can be in the form of heart or if you still do not know very well how to drawn - make larger dots). Emphasize petal with glitter. Using toothpick add a white line in the middle of each flower and then make the white dots.

    3. Add a few blue lines with toothpick or a hairpin. Finish with clear lacquer.

    Gray area

    1. Apply white nail polish. When it dries pull two vertical black lines with toothpick.

    2. Fill part of the nail with gray nail polish.

    3. Add two lines with white lacquer and toothpick - each is parallel with the original black lines.

    4. Fill the angles with yellow nail polish.

    5. Finally, add yellow, white and black dots and finish with clear lacquer.

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