Make Up For Brown Eyes

  • If you have the hazel eyes, almost every make up suits you and every makeup games are fun and irresistible.

    Eyeshadow colors

    The best way to emphasize your eye color is with light brown, dark brown and gold shades of eyeshadow. However, blue shades fit excellent and they will bring a shine to your eyes. If you have a lighter complexion you will look good with green and fuchsia eyeshadow, therefore enrich makeup pallet with variety of cheerful colors.


    If you have light hair, brown mascara is better than black, but if you're black haired woman, it is better to choose a black mascara. However, do not overdo it with layers, because cleaner make up means more beautiful brown look.


    Women with brown eyes are allowed to use eye pencil and liquid eyeliner on the eyelid and below him, even during the day and the whole combination won't look tacky. However, do not overdo it - stronger make up, however, is reserved for the evening. Black pencil and eyeliner are a better solution, and if you have olive complexion you will look good in super dark green eyeliner.


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