New Year's Eve Make Up: Glitter!

  • Glitter is almost irreplaceable part of every holiday playful look, because this is an ideal opportunity for your everyday look add a bit of gloss, glamor and drama.

    When applying glitter there is only one rule: limit the maximum of two areas that you want to highlight, in order not to overshadow the Christmas tree in the corner. Glossy lips and a bit of shimmer on the cheeks, glamorous glitter eyeshadow and discrete shiny particles in the hair, or dramatic lashes with crystals in conjunction with a matte lipstick, a combination with which you will surely not go unnoticed.


    The eyes are the most common choice when it comes to applying glitter, thanks to a wide variety of eyeshadow, glitter eyeliners and false eyelashes with tiny crystals or particles of glitter. Shimmer powder or glitter eyeshadow require sustained, creamy base for which they will attach to, therefore, you must apply a eyeshadow base, little liquid powder or with neutral shade eyeliner go over the entire eyelid. The intensity and amount of glitter customize to your desired look and dramatic that you want to achieve. For a daily look a couple of moves with glitter eyeliner or light eyeshadow with the addition of discrete particles of glitter will be enough.

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    Stila Glitter Eyeliner

    A bit more "drama" requires an evening out: select glitter rich eyeshadow or through your favorite shade apply glitter powder. Here is much easier to tap glitter on with a sponge or foam applicator rather than applying with a brush, because applying needs to be precise and concentrated, and the particles will not end up all over your face. Small amount of glitter will definitely bulk, so first put make up on your eyes, and then on the rest of the face, and pick up stray particles with wet pads.

    Anna Sui Glitter Eye Color Stick - # 100 4.5g/0.15ozAnna Sui Glitter Eye Color Stick - # 300 4.5g/0.15ozAnna Sui Glitter Eye Color Stick - # 800 4.5g/0.15oz
    Anna Sui Glitter Eye Color Stick

    False eyelashes with crystals or glitter paint are an effective way to achieve vigorous, shiny look. If you don't have in your kit appropriate set of eyelashes, then with your standard "neutral" eyelashes you can easily add some Christmas glow. With eyelash glue paste the tiny crystals or glitter particles on the top of the lashes and let it dry well before application. Also, you can spray your eyelashes with hair spray, and dip them into a fine powder glitter, or spray them with hair spray which has shiny particles. A few strokes with clear glitter liquid eyeliner over them will also serve the purpose.

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    e.l.f. Essentials Dramatic Lash Kit


    If you want to emphasize the eyes instead of your lips, the easiest way to do this is to apply a glossy lip gloss with reflective particles. If you have a glitter powder, mix it with your favorite transparent gloss for an extra glow. Applying powder glitter over the lipstick is not recommend, because that look is extremely difficult to maintain during the evening, unless you don't drink or kiss, which is in the holiday occasions almost - impossible.

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    GIVENCHY Pop Gloss Crystal Lip Gloss

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    BOBBI BROWN Glitter Lip Gloss Compact


    Shimmer, glitter, metallic or holographic lacquers are an integral part of almost every holiday nail polish collection, so you have a lot of choice. If you want to apply glitter powder over your existing nail polish, it must be fixed with a layer of clear top coat.


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