Make Up for Everyone

  • Choosing the appropriate shade of foundation, eye shadows, blush or lipstick can be frustrating if you're not sure how they'll fit. Fortunately, there are several colors that look surprisingly good on everyone.

    Regardless of whether your skin is porcelain white, super dark or somewhere in between, no matter what color your eyes or your hair is, the universal color make-up can not go wrong! Of course, I suggest you always hear that your "inner voice" and note your preference for a particular color!

    Eye shadow

    The golden eye shadow is a universal shade, just for everyone! Always select shiny (pearl) variant, and avoid those that are too yellow. Apply it gently only on the eyelid or just below the eyebrow.

    Bronze eyeshadow is the perfect choice if you want something a little different from everyday neutral shades! Try a dark bronze eyeshadow in smokey variants for an evening look, it suits everyone!

    Dark purple eyeshadow is a mixture of blue and red, which means that they look great on everyone, as a daytime and evening variant. Beware of the colors that have more red pigment, they do not fit everyone! Also be sure to apply this eye shadow properly because otherwise you'll get a bruise.

    Brown shades (4-color combination) suit every woman, from highlighter through beige to brown espresso. Lighter-skinned women can create a light smoky eyes, while women with darker skin can use a highlighter under the eyebrows, and brown eyeshadow on the eyes as an everyday look.

    Chocolate and pink eyeshadow in combination seems to be nontraditional, but the result is outstanding. Chocolate eyeshadow will give tender expression of your eyes, and with lively little pink you'll get a nice neutral look.

    Blush and powder

    Peach blush with a little gloss fits everyone! If you have lighter skin use it on the cheeks, just below the cheekbones and if you have more darker skin use it a little above the cheekbones, more like a highlighter.

    Pink blush will give your face a natural and youthful look. Do not be afraid of a little shine, it suits everyone, while matte pink does not suit everyone. These are excellent and creamy soft pink blushes are also excellent, just lightly tap it on the cheeks.

    Bronze powder, terracotta or bronzer with a bit of gloss fits all, especially in winter. Women with light and medium light skin may choose one of the lighter shades and put it in those places where they naturally darken in the sun, such as the forehead, nose, cheekbones and chin. Women with darker skin can use darker variants on the cheekbones, as a highlighter. Bronzer can be used as a eyeshadow, but never a blush!

    Lipstick and lip gloss

    Pink lip gloss, soft shade with no or very little sequins, will look completely natural and neutral on most women.

    Neutral pink lipstick is always a good choice, very easy to apply it to her lips, this color will very naturally and subtly highlight your lips.

    Tangerine lipstick suits every woman. With this color on the lips you will be very elegant and sexy! Don't forget blush in the soft peach color.

    Chanel Lip Care, 4 ml Allure Lipstick - No. 61 Exaltation for Women

    "Real" red lipstick.
    This glamorous old Hollywood look really fit everyone! Keep true red shades, because brick or blueberry shade aren't so universal. Be sure to apply before the Red Rose identical red pencil over your lips.


    Turquoise eyeliner is probably the real surprise on this list, but this effective color fits everyone and is very modern. Draw a thin line along the upper and lower eyelids, the impression will be outstanding!

    Dark-blue eyeliner (navy) - This color pencils will make your look "awake"! Same effect on light and dark complexions. Dark blue makes your eyes brighter and more open!


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